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Introduction and Caveats

All CPRdb content, including all web pages are © The CPR Project and all rights are reserved. Free access to the CPRdb system and permission to print query results is granted to any user who wishes to do so, providing they agree to recognise and acknowledge this copyright.

Use and access of CPRdb is entirely at the user’s own risk. While every effort has been made to check the information held and the privacy and other legal issues associated with the data held on the CPRdb system, the CPR Team and MIMAS Authorities make no guarantee that the system shall be available or accurate, and cannot be held responsible for any inference drawn from the data or any other part of the CPRdb system.

WARNING: The correct use of any item of parish data from this project requires initial reading of the GENERAL NOTES and then of the specific PARISH NOTES. It is recommended that if you intend to make extended use of these transcribed data, you print out a copy.

Navigating The CPRdb Site

The CPRdb site is frame based and contains three frame panes. The top pane contains a title. Under that and to the left is a menu pane, and to the right is the main content pane.

To navigate the site you use a combination of your browser’s “BACK” and “FORWARD” buttons, and the Menu items. To get back to the start from anywhere use the Menu and recall the Overview page.

Printing pages, and other browser related features should be available to you as you expect. However, be aware that you must ensure you have selected the content pane of the frame system - if that is what you want printed. You can do this at any stage, providing your browser is not actually receiving or formatting data.

When you click on the menu items Instructions or Glossary your browser should fire up a new window or tab depending on your settings. Such window/tabs may be closed at any time, assuming your browser permits this. Our intention is to allow you to have these texts available as you make queries, and receive results. Beware that you do not inadvertently print off these pages instead of a query result page by having your browser active on them.

Using The CPRdb Database

The CPRdb (Cheshire Parish Register DataBase) may be queried in three quite different ways. (However, only QFF is currently available to all web users).

To access the database, click on the Database entry in the Menu pane and then follow the instructions.

The Form Filling method which is known by the acronym QFF (Query by Form Filling) allows a consumer to search CPRdb event tables for names of various kinds. (Terms in italics may be looked up in the Glossary).

QFF is the simplest way to access CPRdb information and should be straight-forward to use and to understand.

Query by Form Filling (QFF) Access Method

QFF is a simple point and click method of retrieving information from CPRdb. You decide the parish to search (actually a parish_code) and the start of a name that you wish to search for; for example entering ‘HO’ will retrieve anything that begins ‘HO’, e.g. Hoult, Holt, Hollins, etc. You may type the name in any case, or combination of cases - thus ‘Ho’, ‘hO’ and ‘ho’ should all retrieve the same result. If you do not specify a particular parish_code to search for, the system will automatically search All Parishes by default.

There are essentially four steps to making a query using QFF.

Query by Table (QBT)

This query type is not available yet.

SQL Command Entry (QCE)

This query type is not available yet.

Understanding CPRdb Content

The data retrieved by the various query methods assume that you have some knowledge of CPRdb terms and procedures, and have read the GENERAL NOTES. GENERAL NOTES obtained by clicking “General” in the help menu, and PARISH NOTES (available by clicking the appropriate green dots) when you have made a successful retrieval should provide this information. In addition, we provide a Glossary which should explain CPR and CPRdb terms used.

Other notes (available by clicking the appropriate green dots) are also available to refine and explain anomalous PR entries.

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