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ALDERLEY St Mary, 1629-1871


The first surviving register began in 1629, but BTs begin in 1599 (below). Volume 1 of the register, from 1629 to 1760, has mixed entries, sometime events are grouped together and divided by year. Under the Rev. Samuel Corker records were grouped by year, and divided into Christenings, Marriages, and Burials (CMB). From 1717 CMBs were grouped separately, but divided by year.
In the 1690s until 1702 April, Baptismal register gives date of birth

From 1653 Justices of the peace for marriages were: 1654 Thomas Stanley Esquire; 1654 Thomas Breareton Esquire of Ashley; 1657 William Rowe mayor of Macclesfield; 1657 Mr Thomas Johnson. From April 1654 the usual form of notice to marry was ‘Intention of Marriage published in the towne of Macclesfield in the Markett place three several market dayes betwixt the houres of eleven and twoo of the clock.’ Or, notice was given in the church.

A new register for Cs and Bs began in 1761 and lasted until 1810, followed by another register for 1811 and 1812. Separate printed forms began in 1813: for Cs 1813-1849, 1849-1894, and for Bs 1813-1861, 1861-????. A new marriage register began in 1754, and in 1753 weddings continued to be entered as before, Lord Hardwicke’s Act notwithstanding. However, a register of Banns was kept at the back of the old PR, and a cross reference made to this at the start of the new marriage register. The new CBs register in 1760 continued to record weddings in the old style until 1786.

Out of order, April 1682, burials 1719/05/27 Ba 1722/05/29 Ba 1733/07/22 Ba 1789 1799 some out of order Ma 1673/09/10

Register in Latin

Marriage recorded in English in 1658 but Latin from 1661 Latin stops 1733.

Alderley Bishops’ Transcripts (BTs) in record office list

The record office lists BTs present for 1599-1600, 1612, 1615, 1620-4, 1626-8, 1630-1, 1633-7, 1639-41, 1658-85, 1687-92, 1694, 1696-1749, 1751-6, 1758-1837

BT records from 1599 to 1629 have been transcribed under parish code ALDA in this database, and are available as a separate record.


New style is noted to begin in 1752.

Entries in BT only

Ba 1699/01/04 (Brown) BT only
Ba 1699/01/04 (Brown) BT only
Ba 1699/03/05 (Williamson) BT only
Ba 1700/02/15 (Cleark) BT only


On first page of first surviving register
Regestrum parochiae de Alderley
This register booke was bought in the yeare of our Lord God 1627 by Thomas Leighe, churchwarden of Over Alderley the same yeare and did begin in the yeare of our Lord God 1629
An account of the new Pews or Seats in the Parish Church of Alderley is registered in year 1751, in This Book
As is also an account of a small parcel of land belonging to Sir Edward Stanley Bart laid open to the parsonage. Sold in that year [1751?]
Gathered in the parish of Alderley the sixteenth of September in the yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred and fifty and three for the reliefe of Marleborough in the Countye of [Wiltshire] according to an order of the Councell of State the sum of one pound two shillings

1630/05/20 MA Visitation by Dr Samuel Harford [Harsnett] Archbishop of York

1651/11/21 Hugh base son of Thomas Worthington by Elizabeth Smith was baptised the 21 November 1651. For the discharging of the parish of which child John Smith father of the sayd Elizabeth Smith is bound in a bond of £20 to the churchwardens and overseers of the poore and theire successors which bond is in the keeping of Thomas Leigh

1658 Raphe Bower Parish Registor signs bottom of pages between August 1652 and November 1658, and signs 1660/08/17
1674/06 Geo Taylor registor
Amongst marriage entries Anno 1676 An order directed to us from the Bishop of Chester for a strict registering of weddings was the occasion of the af[orementioned?] exactness for the year 1676 de matri mensis [?]

1676/01/20 Stanley, entry deleted
1676/01/27 Finelow, entry deleted

1691/06/23 Fytton Note these buryings that follow should have been entered before Elizabeth Fytton above written but it was at the time betwixt the old Clerk and the new

After Burials for 1693 Memorandum 29 December 1693 of a gift to the poor from Joan Tasker, deceased

1741 The Revd Thomas Croft, Master of Arts was inducted into the rectory of Alderley on Tuesday 12 May 1741 by the Revd Hugh Humphreys clerk curate of Alderley

End of burials 1742 Mortuaries - none due
1743 Mortuaries received on the death of David Barnes of Alderley and John Ward of Nether Alderley
1744 Mortuaries received one on the death of William Henshaw of Warford, 10s-0d
1745 Mortuaries 1745 none due
1752 Mortuaries A Mortuary was received this year on the death of Jonathan Burgess of Over Alderley from the hands of Samuel Hurlbut his executor
1755 Thomas Tasket
1760 Mary Tasker 10s-0d

1752, above Christenings: Note that by an act of Parliament passes in the last session the year hence forward is to commence on the first day of January.

1753, above Christenings: John Shrigley clerk late curate of Alderley was inducted into the Rectory of Alderley aforesaid on Fryday the 23td day of November 1753 by the Rev Joseph Ward vicar of Prestbury.

Above records for 1765, a note about the Stanley family vault

1762 The Reverend Ralph Carr, Bachelour of Laws, was inducted into the rectory of this Church and Parish of Alderley, on Friday 10th day of September in the year 1762, by John Shrigley late Rector there/

Ba between 1768 and 1769 Be it remembered that in the course of the foregoing year (1768) viz December 16 - Louisa Margareta, Daughter of Sir John Thomas Stanley of this parish baronet and Dames Margaret his wife, was born, and baptised the 20th of the same month according to the form prescribed by the Church of England - at Lyons in France - and that Ld Cholmondeley, Mrs Pitt and Mrs Kerr were guarantors. As has been fully certified to the writer of this. NB see the Register of St George’s Hanover Square London for the year 1773

After 1771 there is a memo about tithes

1796/10/11 Ba J.J. Stanley eldest son of Sir John Thomas Stanley bart was married to the Hon Maria Josepha Holroyd eldest daughter of the Right Hon Lord Sheffield at Fletching Embach Sussex
Maria Margaret daughter of the above was born 1797/07/20 and baptised 1797/08/18 at St Andrew Newcastle upon Tyne

Clergy (to 1830)

1629 Edward Shipton, rector [died 1630 according to Tablet in church]
1634-1637 Sam Shipton, rector
1670 Jaco [?] Stanley, rector
1674/04/13 Joseph Stanley buried
1674-1711 Sam Corker, rector
1741-1751 Tho Croft, rector
1753-1762 Jo Shrigley, rector [described as late rector in 1762. One of this name officiates after 1762 to 1776]
1762-1788 Ralph Carr, rector
1807-1812 Edward Stanley, rector [A collection of his notebooks, not here transcribed, is part of the parish archive.]

Assistant Clergy and visiting clergy

Fra. Bowyer [?Burgess], curate
1674/02/10 Sam Corker curate during vacancy
1712-1713 Robert Smethurst MA, minister
John Skeratt, minister 1714
1715-1718 Hugh Humphreys, minister
1719-1741 Hugh Humphreys, curate
1742-1750 Jo. Shrigley, curate, one of this name officiates after 1762 to 1776
1776/08/20 Thomas Foxley, curate of Chelford
1776/10/13 Ferriehough Rowley
1777/08/23 Edward Heber curate of Chelford
1778/08/23 Henry Ingles
1778/09/07 Lanc Bellas curate of Wilmslow
1779/12/14 1788/07/02 Thomas Gatley curate of Chelford
1776-1785 Oswald Leycester, minister, curate
1784/08/15 Thomas Johnson
1785-1789 Jas Penny curate
1789 Frank Cripps
1791/05/17 Croxton Johnson
1791-1792 John Cape Atty curate
1793-1799 Geo Birch curate
1807-1812 Isaac Bell, curate
1812 Thomas Parker officiating minister


1629 Edward Burges, Radulphus Worth, Richard Fallow;
1630 John Fallowes, Rob Norbury, Tho Norbury;
1631/2 Tho Gresty, Reyn. Findlow, Tho. Hough;
1633 BUs Rich. Deane, Rad. Clayton, Jaco. Massy;
1633 BAs Tho deane de Sandle Junior, Rog Hough, Rob Brocke;
1634 Rich Deane, James Massey, Raphe Taylor;
1635 Johannes Collins, George Hough;
1636 Richard Wych, Randle Judson, Tho Lingard;
1637 Tho. Deane, Randle Norbury, Jo. Barrow;
1670 Jacobus Whittikers, Thomas Whittikers, Edward Burges;
1673 Regnald Finlow, Francis Hough, Randle Deane;
1674 Thomas Pinkett, Hugh Birtles, Hugh Mainwaring;
1675 James Harrop [or Harrow], Robert Norbury, Henry Burges;
1676 William Chandler, Ralph Plant, John Ryle [or Royle];
1677 Thomas Mottram [or Waltton], Francis Hough [or Lough], Edward Burgis;
1678 Bradford Norbury, Thos Leigh, John Merriman;
1679 Randle Glover, Randle Burgis, Peter Barrow;
1680 Randell Foden, Joannes Norbury, Joannes Merriman;
1681 Tho. Norbury, John Norbury, Randulph Blackshaw;
1682 Sam Henshaw, Johannes Cousey [?Dawsey], Johannes Newman;
1715 Joannes Bradford, Hugo Byron, Edwardus Haywood;
1716 Jacobus Foden, Joannes ?, Daniel Clarke;
1717 Thomas Norbury, Daniel Clarke, Thomas Acton;
1718 Radulphus Armstrong, Joannes Tasker, Edwardus Haywood;
1719 Newman Hyde, Thomas Dawson, Robertus Burgess;
1720 Gamaliel Carter, Daniel Clark, Robertus Burgess;
1721 Joannes Henshaw, Joannes Wrigley, Josephus ?;
1722 William Fallows, William Stanley, James Whittakers;
1723 Radulphus Armstrong, Daniel Clarke, Samuel Burgess;
1724 Radulphus Armstrong, Daniel Clarke, Petrus Stubbs;
1725 Joannes Mottershead, Daniel Clarke, Edwardus Haywood;
1726 Guilemus Henshaw, Daniel Clark, Jonathan Lownds;
1727 Edwardus Gatley, Joannes Wrigley, Thomas Perkins;
1728 Edwardus Gatley, Thomas Darcey, Edwardus Parsons;
1729 Radulphus Armstrong, Franciscus Brooke, Samuel Burgess;
1730 Radulphus Armstrong, Franciscus Brooke, Samuel Burgess;
1731 Joannes Hayes, Josephus Barrett, Samuel Burgess;
1732 ? Burgess, Petrus Burgess, Randulphus Judson;
1735 ?, Sam Albiston, John Wood;
1736 Enock Burgess, Hum. Byron, Peter Blackshaw;
1737 Enoch Burgess, John Day, John Norbury;
1738 Enoch Burgess, John Low, Peter Blackshaw;
1739 Enoch Burgess, David Barns, Randle Judson;
1742 Enoch Burgess, John Scragg, Jonathan Norbury;
1743 Jeremy Foden, John Booth, Edward Gatley;
1744 Iassac Hough, John Booth, Randle Judson;
1745 Thomas Walton, John Faulkner, William Hunt;
1746 Francis Ridgwey, Thomas ?, Peter Burgess (mk);
1747 and 1748 Joshua Barber, Thomas Tasket, Randle Judson;
1749 and 1750 Thos Walton, Thomas Johnson, Randle Judson;
1751 Thos Walton, Thomas Johnson, Randle Judson [signatures of Thomas Johnson and of Randle Judson differ from previous year];
1752 Thos Walton, Thomas Johnson, Randle Judson [as 1751];
1753 Thos Walton, Tho Johnson, William Woodall;
1754 John Walton, Daniel Baslow, William Woodall;
1755 Thos Walton, John D. Hensall, Peter Cadman;
1756 Thos Walton, John ?, Peter Cadman;
1757 Thos Walton, Edward Booth, William Hunt;
1758 Francis Ridegway for Thos Walton, Daniel Matton, Samuel Holburt;
1759 Thos Norbury, Philip Ardern, John Wood;
1760 Thos Norbury, Philip Ardern, Wm Hunt;
1761 Thomas Norbury, John Tolbut;
1762 and 1763 Thos Norbury, John Finlow, Wm Woodall;
1764 Thos Norbury, William Wood, William Woodall;
1766 Thos Norbury, Philip Ardern, John Wood;
1767 Thos Norbury, Philip Ardern, John Wood;
1768 Thos Norbury, Philip Ardern, John Wood;
1769 Thos Norbury, Philip Ardern, Samuel Holburt;
1770 Samuel Lanton, Samuel Holburt, John Downes;
1771 John Henshall, John Downes, Sam Holburt;
1772 Thos Norbury, John Downes, Sam Holburt;
1773 Thos Norbury, Thos Henshall, Sam Holburt;
1774 Thos Norbury, John Finlow, Thomas Burgess;
1775 Thos Norbury, John Downes, Wm Leigh;
1776 Thos Norbury, John Downes, Wm Burgess;
1777 Henry Henshaw, John Warburton, William Woodall;
1778 W. Woodall, Steaven Carter, Samuel Birch;
1782 Henry Ardern, Samuel Cadman, Thos Norbury;
1783 Thos Norbury;
1784 Henry Ardern, William Jones, Thos Norbury;
1786 Thos Norbury, John Warburton, Wm Woodall;
1793 and 1794 Thos Norbury, Jonathan Wood;
1795 to 1799 Thos Norbury, John Holbut, William Acton;

Churchwardens’ accounts (not here transcribed) survive from 1683.

Editorial contribution (not in the Parish register)

The ancient parish of Alderley lay in the north east of the county. The contiguous ancient parishes were (clockwise from the north) Mobberley, Wilmslow, Prestbury, and a detached part of Rostherne. Alderley ancient parish comprised the townships of Great Warford, Nether Alderley, and Over Alderley. No new ecclesiastical parishes were formed from within the ancient parish in our period, though there were changes in the surrounding ancient parishes of Wilmslow and Prestbury.

The population of Alderley ancient parish can be estimated by the number of households in ecclesiastical ‘censuses’ of 1563 (60 households or families), c.1720 (176), and in 1778 (200 houses), while the sum of the households in the townships of the parish in the hearth tax of 1664 was 194. The population of the ancient parish in 1801 was 1,178 people, and 1,364 in 1871.

Previous transcriptions

L. Choice, ed., Alderley St Mary marriages 1629-1637. Cheshire parish registers, vol V. (Phillimore’s parish register series, vol. 216, 1914).

Monumental inscriptions

D.H. Way, et al., Gravestone inscriptions of St Mary’s Church, Alderley, Cheshire (1986).


Colin Phillips compiled these notes from the information collected by transcribers and recorded with each transcription pad. He also made some reference to the microfilm of the register in the Cheshire Record Office, where further information about the make-up of the register volumes came from the office list.

The population estimates were gathered as follows 1563: The diocesan population returns for 1563 and 1603, ed. A.D. Dyer and D.M. Palliser (British Academy: records of social and economic history, new series, vol. 31, 2005), p. 83; 1664: The National Archives, Exchequer, E. 179/86/145 (on microfilm), hearth tax returns; c. 1720: F. Gastrell, Notitia Cestriensis, ed. F.R. Raines, vol. I (Chetham Society, old series, VIII, 1845), p. 267; and 1778: Cheshire RO, Diocese of Chester, EDV/7/1 (on microfilm). For 1801 and 1871 see VCH Cheshire, vol. II, p. 202.) Details on the make-up of the ancient parish came from Guide to the local administrative units of England, Vol. II Northern England, ed. F.A. Youngs, Jr (1991), pp. 5, 40. See the base map in A.D.M. Phillips and C.B. Phillips, A new historical atlas of Cheshire (Chester, 2001).

C.B. Phillips, 7 Aug 2008
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