WARNING: The correct use of any parish data from this project requires initial reading of the GENERAL NOTES as well as of the specific PARISH NOTES.


The early registers

The four early registers contain blocks of entries for each of the three events, but from April 1734 there are separate registers for each event, as below.

Volume 1 1558-1624 Cheshire Archives and Local Studies (hereafter CALS), call number P41/1/1

Baptisms 1621-3, are disordered because interleaved with early marriages before the long block of marriage entries. The formula of the marriage record changed in 1602 before reverting in 1610 to the earlier form. Little information was given in the records in this volume for burials before about 1600. There was, parallel with marriages, a change in the formula used to record burials between 1602 and 1610. Wives’ forenames were generally omitted to about 1621. Between 1600 and 1621 burials ‘in templo’, in the church, were common (see Oddities below).

Volume 2 1624-1653 P41/1/2

The sequence of baptisms is broken by a record of marriages from 4 December 1626 which runs to 1630, when baptisms resume. Between 1647 and 1653 there were frequently no baptisms recorded for one or two months e.g. 1649/08/25 – 1650/02/02. There is a gap in the baptism records from 1653/03/21, where the second Register ends to 1653/11/12 where the third Register begins. In marriages, there is possibly a gap in the register before Aug 1633, then between February and November 1637, again from 1643/12/31 to 1645/01/04, and again from 1651/01/19 to 1653/07/06. The marriages from June 1624 to November 1626 have been bound in at the end of the volume.

Volume 3 1653-1727 P41/1/3

There are empty spaces in the baptism and burial sequences in 1661 and 1662 (but not in the marriage entries), which may or may not imply gaps in registration. Around 1690 to 1697 the register has loose pages and some have been rebound obscuring some dates. For these years dates from the BT have been used in the database. There is a gap in the baptism records from 1653/03/21, where the second Register ends, to 1653/11/12 where the third Register begins. In fact, in volume 3 entries are at first headed ‘Birthes’. The dates given are taken as birth dates. In the database, the baptism date is thus transcribed as, for example, 1653/00/00, and the birth date of 1653/11/05 appears in the birth-date cell. The first subsequent page headed baptisms began on 21 April 1661. There appear to be gaps in the baptisms between 1686 and 1692. No baptisms in July 1725.

Marriages begin ‘…since 12 November [16]53’, but on the otherwise blank sheet opposite where these marriages begin is the entry, in Latin, of the marriage of Petrus Leicester and Margaretam Kay on 6 July 1653. There are no records for marriages from 1682/01/15 to 1682/11/25; 1683/12/25 to 1684/10/66 to 1684/10/06; thence to 1685/04/28 (one entry) then gap to 1685/05/11; next between January and November 1693; and then for 1701/0707 to 1701/11/06. The marriage register for the years 1704 to 1710 appears to have been rebound incorrectly.

Burials begin ‘…since 12 Nov[ember] 1653’.

Volume 4 1727-1734 P41/1/4

In 1731 the register records ‘July no burials’, ‘September no burials’, and June 1731 ‘ no burials ’.

Events in separate volumes


4 volumes April 1734-March 1872

The baptismal registers from 1735 to c 1778 were badly damaged by fire in 1964, and much is illegible. Between these dates records are a conflation of the BTs with what can be read in the registers. In the 1780s baptisms at Little Leigh were listed together in the parish register causing some confusion of dates (and see Oddities below, PR41/2/1).

In 1825 Baptisms at Stretton Chapel were similarly listed together.

PR41/2/4 has a two month gap in 1830.

There is some mis-ordering of dates between1845 and 1871. Private baptisms were written up later. Also baptisms were performed in the chapels at Arley Hall and at Tabley Hall, which were subsequently entered in batches in the Great Budworth Register.


1734-March 1754, then 12 volumes April 1754-December 1884

Two volumes also contain lists of banns, from 1765 to 1783, which are not transcribed here. There are also separate registers of banns, again not transcribed here


4 volumes April 1734-February 1892

Between 1839 and 1856 the numbers in the dates are hard to read.

In November 1855 there were no burials.

Registers in Latin

Baptisms were recorded in Latin to 1609/06/18; some Latin in Oct 1610; some Latin entries in 1621-3. Latin from 1647 to 1649. From May 1665 to 1671, PR is in Latin, but BTs in English. The Latin used in 1690 turns to a mixture of Latin and English in 1694. Marriages began in Latin, but are in English from 1683/04/10. Burials were recorded in Latin to about 1683.

BTs Lacking

Baptisms to 1605, then for 1611, 1615, 1624, 1626, 1629, 1632, 1633, 1635, 1636, 1638, 1642-57, 1663, 1664, 1668, 1726, 1727, 1739,1740, 1839. None from 1844 to 1870.

Marriages to 1606. Then lacking 1653-57, 1663/4, 1685 - May 1691, for 1736/7 the record is much damaged, 1739, 1740, 1835. None after 1837.

Burials none until 1604, April 1607 worn away. Then lacking 1608, 1615,1624, 1626, for 1630 the burials are illegible, 1632-3, 1635-6, 1643-54, 1668, 1686-90, 1839. Note that between 1728 and about 1812 the kin’s forename is often missing. None from 1844 until 1870.


OS dates to 1710

Anomalous entries


Ba 1628/01/13 (Savage) BT only
Ba 1628/01/20 (Mosse) BT only
Ba 1635/01/24 (Eaton) BT only. Entered here as in BT as a baptism. The PR records the entry as a burial
Ba 1641/01/22 (Barrow) BT only
Ba 1659/04/06 (Lindsey) BT only
Ba 1661/03/12 (Pownall) BT only
Ba 1672/02/16 On a piece of paper inside PR41/1/3 is a note ”1671[/2] Robert Gandye son of Hugh Gandye of Nether Whitley was born the 14 day of February Junior”.
Ba 1684/03/20 (Morton) BT only
Ba 1684/03/20 (Wilkinson) BT only; crossed out in PR but PR has an entry for Wilkinson on 684/03/30. Both entries remain in the database
Ba 1685/01/28 (Dutton) BT only
Ba 1721/05/18 (Jarny) BT only
Ba 1812/12/08 (Eaton alias Pole). Maybe a confusion with the place ‘The Pole’.
Ba 1844/12/16 (Bradley) Marginal note: “suppose to be one & a half old”


Ma 1628/06/30 (Higginson/Kenarley) BT only
Ma 1637/09/20 (Burges/Parker) BT only
Ma 1637/11/06 (Hatton/Booth) BT only
Ma 1637/12/06 (Stubbs/Coarke) BTonly
Ma 1638/12/06 (Meare/Ashton) BT only
Ma 1660/06/26 (Meere/Bentley) BT only
Ma 1660/07/02 (Robinson/Burth) BT only
Ma 1660/07/02 (Robinson/Robinson) BT only
Ma 1660/07/09 (Cooke/Burchinhead) BT only
Ma 1660/08/04 (Norrowit/Heawood) BT only
Ma 1679/08/12 (Coppack/Plumpton) BT only
Ma 1699/04/16 (Lewis/Gandy) BT only
Ma 1721/04/12 (Holme/Fullalove) BT only
Ma 1721/04/12 (Westbrook/Rutter) BT only
Ma 1722/03/26 (Millington/Cartwright) BT only
Ma 1722/03/27 (Dutton/Hough) BT only
Ma 1828/12/01 (Mee/Richardson) BT only


Bu 1602/00/00 (Amerie) In list of those buried in the church dated 1602 (see Oddities below)
Bu 1632/02/27 (Holme) BT only
Bu 1635/01/24 (Eaton) Perhaps the same entry entered in BT only baptisms.
Bu 1658/03/30 (Tumlinson) BT only
Bu 1658/07/15 (Woodward) BT only
Bu 1658/09/21 (Houghton) BT only
Bu 1666//05/00 (Bentley) BT only
Bu 1681/05/06 (Robinson) BT only
Bu 1691/05/02 (Venables) BT only
Bu 1693/05/18 (Twist) BT only?
Bu 1693/05/18 (Peacock) BT only?
Bu 1693/05/18 (Twist) BT only?
Bu 00/00/00 between 1691/02/07 and 1691/02/12 (Bood) BT only
Bu 1722/03/22 (Walls) BT only
Bu 1723/03/18 (Hughes?) BT only


On a paper page bound in at the start of the volume

‘This is the register book of great Budworth in the county of Chester which is delivered
the 25 day of November 1610 to John Rawscrosse to shewd for the use of Thomas Marbury Esq
By us Richard Eaton Vicar of great Budworth
     Ra Hatton curate ibidem
     John Dutton      )
     Thomas Whittle   )  churchwardens
     John Jackson     )

     Thomas Burrowes

     Oliver Steward the clerk’

On the next paper page

‘A note of a constitution for keeping register books in parchment agreed upon 25 day of October 1597 AR 39E’

On the first parchment page

‘A register book of the parish of Great Budworth for all who have been baptized since the Yeare of our Lord 1559.’ The same formula is used at the beginning of the marriage section, with date since 1559, and for the burial section with date from 10 August 1558.

After 1621/02/04 baptism (Sanders) is written

‘Letters of my Lord BB to Mr
Ley about the choice of a Clearke for the Parish Church of Great Budworth.

Salutem in Xpo [Christ].  I
am given to understand t[ha]t your church is not so well fitted with a
sufficient clearke to attend the service of God as that place require[es] for
that the man who is now in it is neither able to read well nor to begin a psalm
tunable nor by reason of age able to performe such other duties as is required
by his office. Therefore I would have you chose & appoint another Clarke to
supply that place according as the Can[on] requireth, and let your election be
published that your parishioners may [know – interlined] what Clearke to use as
their occasion shall serve, then let it be registered in your church booke,
& so willing you to certify me what you have do[ne] herein & commit you
to the grace & blessing of God in Christ.

Wigan Hall 12o Septimus
1620.  Your very loving freind

 Io Cestren 

Wherupon Mr Ley chose John Sympson upon try[al] of his abilities & good conversation beseeming the place & published him to the parish in the time of divine serv[ice] on Sunday the eleventh of February 1620.’ [Then baptisms continue.]

[List of names bound in at the back of the register, written on a sheet of paper.]

Rychard Wyrell  wedd               Wyrall
Rychard Cardow  wedd               Woodnoth
Uxor zzz  zzzz B                   Iso/eeson Sumner
Uxor Georg Bromfield  wedd         Cramfield
Uxor John Telyer   wedd            Colyer
Thomas Richardson  B               Hytherson
Robert Syeinton   Ba               Easinton
John Plumpton  W
William Kartington  W              Karrington
Rychard CaldwallW

Burials in the Church 1602 [comparison with the database suggests that most of these names may be identified in the burial register, and that they run to the end of 1603].

John Hanle
Thomas Borrowes [perhaps Barrowes]
Alice Amerie of Barton
James Asley [perhaps Apley]
Mr Mouldsworth
Mr Venables
Catherine Barber
John Hall of Brownslow [perhaps Hill, of Browston]
Mergerie Kenderdonne
Margaret Bassnet
Gefferie Warburton
Robtus Harison
Widdow Peacocke
George Loton
Cath Southhorne
Robertus Jacson
Uxor Jo Worall de Hill
Humfrey Bromfeild
Rich Peacocke
James Marburie
Margaret Eaton
Uxor Jo Percivall
Jo Amerie
Maria Foxley filia gui [sic. Perhaps latin for William]
Uxor Petri Eaton
Robt Kenderdale
Uxor Radi Devis
Uxor Hugonis French
Edward Peeke
Wm Dutton of Budworth”


Inside front cover: notes of briefs, on paper bound in.

Parchment is headed: ‘The register book of the parish church of Great Budworth in the Countie of Chester wherein are recorded the names of all as have bin baptized married or buried at the said parish church in or since the yeare of our lord 1624’. There are similar headings for the sequence of marriages, and of burials.

After burial dated 23 March 1653

”I John Ley vicar of Great Budworth professe that (notwithstanding the presentation underwritten wch was inserted into the Regester booke by ye churchwardens at the Cock in Budworth without the knowledge or consent of myself or my curate on pretence of a seris of Burialls to call for dues unto the church & which the chiefe of ye subscribed Gents were willing such be when not agaynt) the right of election of the parish clerk is mine & my successours & that I cld never be prieste for one [time] of such election as is now provided much lesse a custome proved to overthrow the ministers right [? ?]

     John  Ley.

The presentac~on of Edward Massey to be parish Clarke of the pish Church of Greate Budworth ut sequite
To all Christian people to whome theise pnts shall Come to bee seene reade heard or understood, Whereas heretofore suits Contercons differences and Controversies have arisen and growne within the pish of greate Budworth by and betweene the some of the gentlemen of the said pish, and marster Lea vicar of the same pish for and Concerning the noca~con [nomination] and eleccon of the churchwardens and pish Clarke, wch difference upon a suite brought in his mats cort of Excheqr of Chester by the gentlemen of the said pish plaintiffs against the said Mr Lea defendt for and concerning the said nocac~on [nomination] eleccon and appointnt of Churchwardens and pish Clerke Receaved legall and full hearing, where, upon deposicons and proofes reade: It was ordered and decreed by that honable Cort of Excheqr, That the right of nocac~on eleccon and p’sentacon of pish Clarke was in us the gent of the said pish whose names are subscribed according to an ancient Custume of the said pish, and that the right of nonacon and psentacon of pish Clarke should remayne with the gentlemen of the said pish, until such tyme as the said maister Lea should evict the said gentlemen by xhibition or otherwaies, Know yee therefore that wee the gent of the said pish to whome the right of nocacon & p’sentacon belonges whose names are subscribed by virtue of the said Costme order & decree made in the said honble Cort of Excheqr of Chester, Doe hereby no~iate [nominate] elect and psent Edward Massy sonne of Edmond Massy of Coggeshall within the pish of greate Budworth and Comitat of Chester to bee Clarke for the said pish of greate Budworth and by the p’nts grantinge to the said Edward Massy All fees duties and pfitts that anyway appteyne or belonge to the said office of pish Clarke To have hold and enjoy that office of Clarkeshipp withal fees and pfitts belonging to the same to him the said Edward Massy for terme of his n~ral [natural] life & The said Eward behaveing himselfe honestly diligently and dutifully in the said place as befits a man for the xecucon of such an office And to thend that this may better [seems to be written’letter’] appeare to future age it is hereby ordered for pventing of suits hereafter by us the gentlemen of the said pish, That this psentacon shalbe recorded in the Register Booke at Budworth, [Giv]en~ undr our hands the second Daie of November in the sixt yeare of the Raigne of our sovraygne lord Charles by the grace of god of England Scotland France and Ireland Kinge Defendr of the faith &tc Annoq dm 163[0 Final digit rubbed out]

     Vera copia ext [exhibita cu[m] original[e]p[er]
Robt Nedham					
Tho: Marburie				William Gandye		
Elizabeth [sic]Warburton		William Pickeringe
Peter Leycester				Thomas poole
Phillippe Starkey			Peter Wyrrall
Robert Tutchett					Gardians eccl[es]iae
John Grymesdych					de Budworth Magn[a]
William Harecourt

After burial 1647/03/29 is a list of plague victims:

”Qua infra firibuntor nomina ad huis paginae finem sunt eorum omnium qui a primo die Aprilis 1647 ad decimum diem Junii proxima sequentis in villa de Barnton peste moribantur ….. catalogus a Thoma Pownall de Barnton Generoso exhibitui fuit

April 1643 ??
6 Thomas Frith de Barnton gardianus qui apud Stockton Heath occisus fuit tertio die mensis Aprilis & sepul. sexto die Aprilis
6 Johanno Amerie de Barnton constabularius qui peruit eodem
20 Thomas Yewley de Aston qui perit ob vulneribus acceptis apud S Heath
22 Ricardus Rdgway de Budworth qui periit apud Stockton Heath tertio die”

[The heading translates as: ‘Here below are inscribed the names of all who died from the plague from the first day of April 1647 to the 10th day of June next following in the township of Barnton of which the catalogue by Thomas Pownall of Barnton gentleman showed’.]

PR41/1/3, on the first parchment sheet

‘Register Booke for the Parish of Great Budworth in the Contie of Chester, wherein should be recorded all marriages,birthes and burials that have fallen due to be recorded since Edward Massie was sworn the Register beinge upon 12th November 1653.’ Memorandum that the inhabitants and householders of this Pish of Great Buddworth have made choice of Edward Massie of Great Budworthe aforesaid to bee Register for the whole Pish of Great Budworthe.

And that upon the 12th day of November 1653, the said Edward Massie was sworne and appointed by me whose name is subscribed; being justice of peace within this p

Pish to be an able and honest person to have the keeping of the Register booke and for the registering of all such marriags, birthes & burialles as shall fall due to be Recorded within the sayd Pish Register.

[Signed by] Thomas Marbury.’

After baptism on 24 December 1662, a note with 23 signatures of the election of Nathaniel Woolrich as parish clerk1st January 1663.

Also after last marriage entry dated 23 February 1727

‘July 14th 1673

We whose names are here subscribed the daye and yeare above written, having seen a a paper sealed and subscribed by John Bold, Andrew Waterworth and William Eaton, persons interested and concerned in two several seates in the North Ile of the parish church of Great Budworth; by vertue of which paper soe subscribed and stated the forementioned persons have given unto Peter Bromfield of Little Leigh Gentleman to his Heyres and successours free leave to have room in and to make use of those seates for himself and familye forever: provided he the sayd Peter Bromfield upon his own proper cost and charges convert those two seats into a Pue; he therefore having made a compleat pue the day and yeare before written hath caused the said Grant to him and his successour’s under their hands and seales to be here recorded in perpetuam rei memoriam: In Testimony whereof we have putt our hands: so

       James Livesey. Vicar of Budworth

Memorandum, that in the Grant forementioned the sayd persons have given this liberty for themselves and their successours to Peter Bromfield and his successours:

             James Livesey
      Richard Starkey
             Nathaniel Wolrich
             Parish Clerke
     Thomas Pimloe

After last marriage entry dated 23 February 1727

‘April the seventeenth 1684
Whereas as [sic] the death of Nathaniel Woolrich late Parish Clerke of Great Budworth William Pimlow was elected Clerk of the said Parish [and upon experience of his fitness and sufficiency for the said Place], it is now thought fit by the Gentlemen, Vicar and Township men of the said Parish , the said William Pimlow be continued and confirmed in the said place, until the Parish shall except against him. [signed] Thos Needham, Robert Leicester, James Penny Vicar, Tho. Hall, Peter Bromfield, Edmund Massie, Tho. Dutton, John Webster, John Whitaker, Peter Laranson, John Okell, John Piggott, George Hatton, Richard French, Thom: Starkey, George Stoppard, Peter Richardson, James Howard, John Caldwall, Thomas Dekin, Humfrey Frier, Jonathan Vernon, Thomas Twanbrooke, Francis Heyward, John Chaddack.’

In burials, 17 January 1662 note of the death and burial of Edward Massey, parish clerk. The vicar, James Livesey, preached with his text from Psalm 116, v15

After burial dated 4 April 1677, a note dated 6 April 1677 in which the Rev James Livesey recorded that he was 52 and had been Vicar of Great Budworth for 20 years.

After burial dated 14 September 1678, on 15 September 1678 the Rev James Livesey recorded the receipt and public reading of the Act for Burial in Woollen.

After burial 1681/04/30 (Baker) is ‘Huc usque exhibitum apud Frodsham 6 maii 1681 per Jac Livesay’.

After burial, 10 Feb 1682, at the funeral of the Rev James Livesey the address was given by the Vicar of Lymm on Matthew 24:46.

At the end of PR41/1/3, on parchment

‘Names of those persons who were excommunicated the 19th day of May 1679 at Great Budworth: Wiliam Whalley, William Forrist, Robert Dewsbury:
The names of all the persons that were presented by Robert Okell: George Gandy: Francis Heyward: Gamaliel zzzz Churchwardens: by William Foxley: zzzz Hunt: Richard Hodgkinson Sydesmen May 27 1679 at Witton; Thomas Houghs: Joan Baker: Jane Dale: Richard Harpur: John Rutter: Laurence Slater: Katharin Darlington. The names of the persons excommunicated May 1st 1681: Mary Ryder: Henry Wade: Ann Littler: Peter Eyes: Jane Lowton: Richard Sale: William Dakin: Mary Crosby: Henry Thropp and Ellen Gandye: Richard Sandiland and Mary his wife and Joseph Cooper and Elizabeth Bentley: Samuel Knowles: Mary Jackson: Thomas Massey and Elizabeth his wife: Edward Dodd son and wife and Anne zzzzz zzzzyes: Sarah Underwood were excommunicated.
Charles Cook: John Eaton zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
1715 were excommunicated William Pownall of Anderton: Thomas Holland of Dutton: Margaret Ledsham of Lower Whitley: Elizabeth Johnson of Comberbach the younger.
Feb the 16th 1720: persons excommunicated: Eleanor Barlow of Antrobus: Richard Tomisson of Budworth: Alice Taylor of Little Leigh: Tho Cooke of Marston.’

After burial 1726/03/30

”True Register of the Burials of Quakers and Anabaptists In The Parish of Great Budworth From March the 10th 1698”
PR proper recommences in March 1726.


Begins ‘A register book for the parish of Great Budworth in the County of Chester of Baptisms Weddings and Burialls that happen within the same beginning upon the 23 May 1727’.

In marriages at head of page for 1728 ‘Visitation held at Chester June the 21 1728’; after marriage dated 2 May 1730 ‘Visitation held at Northwich May 11 1730’; and after marriage on May 29 1731 ‘Visitation held at Frodsham on May 31’.

PR41/2/1, pasted into this baptismal register, is a small sheet reading as follows

‘1773 – Mary wife of John Holland of Rudheath Lordship in the County of Chester, farmer maketh oath and saith that John Orrel of Manchester, Cotton Spinner was born in lawful wedlock and baptized at Little Leigh in the County of Chester on or about the 26th day of August 1773 that she attended at the Chapel of Little Leigh aforesaid on the occasion as Godmother: that Registers were not kept at that period in the said Chapel and that it appears the account of the said baptism being performed at Little Leigh had been omitted being sent to the Parish Church at Great Budworth, within which parish Little Leigh is situated. The mark X of Mary Holland sworn here before me the 28 of March 1828.
J. H. Harper’

This list appears in the baptismal register, PR41/2/1, after baptism on 1786/12/31:

‘11 persons excommunicated
Zzzzon  Park    Martha Robinson
Dutton          Thomas Cliffe
                   Sarah Amson
                   William Nickson
Cogshall           Eleanor Berry    Absolved
Budworth           Elizabeth Burgess
Pickmere           Thos Mather      Absolved
Appleton           Ann Wild
Aston              James Dutton
Appleton           Hannah Millington
                   Joseph Cragg’

PR41/2/4, baptismal register, is inserted after 1844/10/16 (Leigh) a paper reading:

‘I, the Revd Wm McIver, late Curate of Great Budworth in the County of Chester solemnly and sincerely declare that I was the officiating minister on the occasion of the reception into the church of Amy Sophia the daughter of James Heath and Frances Leigh of Belmont in the county and parish aforesaid which took place on the 16th October 1844, the said Amy Sophia Leigh having, as I understood, been previously Baptized by the Revd John Leigh, Rector of Eggington, in the County of Derby, which was the cause of my not entering her name in the Register of Baptisms in the Parish of Great Budworth
As witness my hand the third day of April 1851
Wm McIver
Declared before me this third day of April 1851
Wm Hosken Harper J.P.
In the County of Chester’

PR41/3/7, marriage register, at 1813/06/10, two letters are attached:

1.’Bollands Court, Chester Nov 30th 1858
Revd Sir Also’s [???] marriage
Referring to a marriage which took place in Great Budworth Church on the 6th June 1813 and of which you were so good as to send me a certificate, I write to ask whether the original Register book of marriages in which that particular marriage is entered could be produced by you in Court in Manchester about the 3rd or 4th of Jnauary next if a subpoena were issued.’

2. ‘The Rev S Cooke, Gt Budworth Chester Dec 14th 1858

Revd Sir, I beg to thank you for your form of the 6th inst. I shall feel very much obliged if you will kindly send me the name of the clerk who can attend at Manchester on the 3rd next month, in order that I may send for the necessary subpoena to justify him bringing the parish register with him. If you can furnish me with any information as to the Robert Olton enquired after I shall be further obliged. I am zzzzzzzzzzzz S Brittain’

PR41/5/1, burial register, after 1787/07/11 (Eaton):

‘Middlewalk, The Revd Richard Eaton Late Richard Selby AM Vicar of Great Budworth died at the Pole the 7th day of July 1787 aged 69; and was buried within the Communion Rails in Budworth Church July 11th. He was formerly a student of Christ Church College Oxford and was presented by the Dean and Chapter to the Vicarage of Great Budworth in 1741. He married May 29th 1747 Dorothy, sister of George Eaton Esqr of the Pole, & took the name of Eaton pursuant to the will of the said George Eaton. He constantly resided within the Parish & performed the Parochial Duties upwards of forty years.’

Clergy (to 1830)

Vicars [information within ( ) from Ormerod]

[1604]-1610 Richard Eaton
[1616]-1649? John Ley
1653-1656 Ephraim Elcocke
1657-1682 James Livesey
1682-1694 James Penny
1694-[1696] David Jones
[1696-1697 Peter Leigh]
[1699]-1741 Charles Henchman
1741-1787 Richard Eaton (formerly Richard Selby, see Oddities above)
1787-1826 William Hamilton Warren MA
1826-1858 George Henry Webber MA


1610 Ra. Hatton
1630-1633 James Knott
1635 Robert Williams
1639 Alexander Bate, John Holme, Peter Jackson, Robert Williams
1679 Humfrey Livesey
1703-1709 Robert Horrobin (or Howekin)
1710-1720 Robert Baxter
1720 Tho Hough
1738 Samuel Williamson
1780-1820 Thos Jeffes (T. P. Jeffes) Curate of Little Leigh
1781-17 94 George Birch
1783-1786 Robert Hallifax
1794-1832 Richard Jones
1821-1823 R. Egerton-Warburton
1821-1829 Henry Chetwode, Minister of Whitley Chapel
Charles Hand, Head Master of Witton Grammar School

Visiting clergy or assistant curates

c. 1700 Mr Robinson of Daresbury
Mr Boydell of Winwick
Mr Marbury of Davenham
Mr Peck of Knutsford
1777-1805 Philip Antrobus
1783 Tho Dickenson Vicar of Tarvin
1815 E. Clementson minister of Weaverham
1816 Benjmn Powell Curate Latchford St James
1820-1822 Henry Wigfield, Curate of Burwardsley, later of Wettenhall
1820-1823 Theodore Wood, Curate of Goostrey, later of Over
1822-1827 James. S. Jones Off Min, Minister pro tempore, later Asst Curate of Liversedge, York
1824 Charles Mytton Rector of Eccleston
1824-1825 Tho Leigh
1827-1828 Richard Jannion, Minister of Stretton
Sam Bagnall, Curate of Grappenhall
1829 Thomas Pigot Minister of St Helens
1828-1830 Anthony Singleton Atcheson, Curate of St. John’s Cambridge


1610 John Dutton, Thomas Whittle, John Jackson, and [probably, see Oddities above] Thomas Burrowes; 1629 Wm Gandy, Thos Poole; Sept 1630 Thomas Moss, John Peacock; 1630-1633 Thomas Poole, Peter Wyrall, John Brooke(?), Thomas Mosse; 1634 Christopher Basnett, Rowland Pennifather, Henry Ridgway (+ other(s) unreadable); 1635 Henry Ridgway, John Waterworth, Thomas Jannion, Robert Jenkinson; 1636 Thos Worrall, Peter Richardson, Thos Gregg, Rich’d Hale; 1638 Peter Richardson, Richard Hale, Henry Heywood, Peter Bromfeild; 1639 Henry Heyward, John Ackson, Robt Eaton; 1640 zzzzz, Rob Eaton; Robert Okell: George Gandy: Francis Heyward: Gamaliel zzzz; 1695 Thomas Hodgkinson, Richard Peacock, John Barker.

1735 Richard Richardson, John Bentley, John Forrest, Samuel Norman; 1736/7 Thos Stones, John Forrest(+ 2 illegible); 1741 John Haslehurst, Thos Oldham, John Willatt, Will Norman; 1742 Thos Oldham, Samuel Merry, John Willatt; 1743 John Robinson, William Gerrard, William Harvest, Samuel Merry [Massy?]; 1744 Wm Forrest, John Hunt, John Robinson, William Gerrard; 1748 Thomas Harrison, John Bentley, Charles Speakman, John zzzzzz; 1752 Richard Heeth, Ralph Blease, James Walton, William Garot; 1754 John Sutton, Samuel Massy; 1756 Samuel Massy, John Percival; 1757 John Percival, John Jackson; 1759 John Hayward, John Spaencer; 1760 John Spencer, Thomas Haslehurst; 1761 Thomas Haslehurst, Robert Okell; 1762 Robert Okell, Richard Briscall; 1763 Ralph Brisall, Hen Hough; 1764 Hen. Hough, John Barlow; 1765 James Key, Peter Pickering; 1766 Peter Pickering, Hen. Hough; 1767 Hen.Hough, Robt Littler, Peter Pickering, Joseph Hough; 1768 Hen. Hough, Jos Hough, John Lyon, Saml Massy; 1769 John Lyon, Thos Okell; 1770 Thos Okell, Hen Hough, John Highfield, Robert Whitley; 1771 John Highfield, Philip Hewitt, Hen Hough, Robert Eaton; 1772 Philip Hewitt, Benjamin Holland, Hen Hough, James Yould; 1773 Benjamin Holland, William Sothern, Hen Hough, James Yould; 1774 William Sothern, Hen Hough, James Starkey, Robert Whitley; 1775 Hen Hough, John Yarwood, Joseph Carter, Thomas Swain; 1776 John Yarwood, Peter Pickering, Thomas Speakman, Hen Hough; and sidesmen Peter Wright, John Blease, William Robinson, Thomas Barker; 1820 Wm Okell, Peter Jackson; 1821 PeterJackson, John Hewitt; 1822 John Hewitt, Peter Carter;

Parish books from 1699 to 1914 include churchwardens’s accounts, not here transcribed.

Editorial contribution (not in PR)

The enormous ancient parish of Great Budworth lay in the North and centre of the county of Cheshire, reaching the county boundary with Lancashire in Appleton township. Clockwise from the north it was surrounded by the ancient parishes of Grappenhall, Lymm, Rostherne (including that parish’s parochial chapelries of Knutsford and Over Peover), Sandbach, Middlewich, Davenham, Whitegate, Weaverham and Runcorn. The whole of the ancient parish comprised thirty-three townships: Great Budworth, Comberbach, Cogshall, Little Leigh (a chapelry), Bartington, Dutton, Lower Whitley, Higher Whitley, part of Sevenoaks, Stretton (a chapelry), Appleton, Antrobus, Crowley, Aston by Budworth (a chapelry), Pickmere, Nether Tabley, Wincham, Marston, Marbury, Anderton, and Barnton. The townships of Birches, Castle Northwich, Hartford (itself a chapelry), Hulse, Lach Denis, Lostock Gralam, Northwich, Winnington and Witton cum Twambrooks were in the parochial chapelry of Witton, The townships of Allostock, Nether Peover(sometimes divided into two townships), and Plumley were in the parochial chapelry of Nether Peover.

The geography of the parish was further complicated by the fact that a number of these townships included detached portions in other townships. Furthermore, there were two detached portions of Weaverham parish within the area of the parish of Great Budworth. Part of Dutton township is said to have been in Runcorn parish, part of Hartford chapelry in Weaverham parish, and the 1871 census also claimed that part of Rudheath was in Great Budworth (as had Sir Peter Leicester in the1660s). It should be noted that different authorities produce different lists of the townships within Great Budworth parish.

As time passed, and before 1872, a number of new parishes were created out of the ancient parish. According to Youngs, Little Leigh became a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1728, refounded in 1834, and the registers begin in 1782 (and see notes above under the The Registers, and under Oddities dated 28 March 1828). Lower Whitley became a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1824, the registers begin in 1777, but the church building dates from the seventeenth century. Stretton became an ecclesiastical parish in 1830, refounded in 1834, although the registers begin in 1827 (see note above). The new parish of Stockton Heath created in 1838 (registers begin that year) took in part of Appleton township. The township of Barnton, with part of Great Budworth township, became a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1843 (registers begin in 1842). Antrobus and Sevenoaks became a parish in 1848, and the registers begin in that year. Aston by Budworth, though said to be a chapelry, has neither church nor registers.

A quotation from the listing of the Great Budworth parish books in the list of parish records in CALS maybe informative. The books include minutes of the meetings of

‘ ”the Gentlemen, Townshipmen, and churchwardens for the parish”… excluding the chapelries of Lower [ie Nether] Peover and Witton’. Witton parish register between 1653 and 1655 contains entries made by Edward Massey, the ‘register’ of Great Budworth parish (see Oddities above) suggesting an attempt by him to exert influence in the parochial chapelry. If the above quotation, and the dates of the registers of the two parochial chapelries given below, imply that residents of the townships in the parochial chapelries would use the churches there, it is clear from a perusal of the Great Budworth data that some residents from these chapelries did record events in the registers of the parish church. The population estimates given below do not include figures for these two parochial chapelries.

The registers of the parochial chapelry of Lower Peover, which are not transcribed here, start in 1570; they contain all three events from the beginning. Lower Peover became a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1814.

The registers of the parochial chapelry of Witton St Helen, which are not transcribed here, begin in 1561; they contain all three events from the beginning. Witton became a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1723. From within Witton parish, the chapelry of Hartford became a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1825 (registers begin 1837), with part of Castle Northwich township, and that parish was re-founded in 1863. Also within Witton parish, Lostock Gralam ecclesiastical parish was founded in 1842 (registers begin 1845), and Dane Bridge ecclesiastical parish in 1846 (registers begin that year). Within Witton and Hartford parishes, the church of Northwich Holy Tinity was built by the Weaver Navigation Trustees in 1842, under an act of Parliament, as one of three churches intended for the use of watermen on the River Weaver. Although in some ways outside the parochial structure, the advowson was vested in the bishop of Chester. Northwich Holy Trinity became a parish in 1929, when the marriage registers begin. There are no burials. Holy Trinity’s baptismal registers to 1871 are available as a separate parish within CPRdb.

The population of Great Budworth parish, excluding its two parochial chapelries (see above), can be estimated by the number of households in ecclesiastical ‘censuses’ of 1563 (626 households or families), 1722 (694 families) and in 1778 (646 houses), while the sum of the households in the townships in the hearth tax of 1664 was 726. The population in 1801 was 5,802 people, and in 1871 there were 9,916 people. All these figures include those townships which over the course of time became separate parishes.

Previous transcriptions and monumental inscriptions

No transcript of the registers known.

[Anon. parishioners and members of North Cheshire Family History Society], ‘Parish church of St Mary and All Saints, Great Budworth. Inscriptions from gravestones’ (TS, [1975]), copy in CALS.


Colin Phillips compiled these notes, using a digest, made by Susan George, of the information collected by transcribers and recorded with each transcription pad. Further information about the make-up of the register volumes came from the registers themselves and the list in CALS, which also provided some details of the evolution of the ancient parish. Further information on the vicars came from G. Ormerod, The history of the County Palatine and City of Chester, ed. T. Helsby (3 vols; London, 1882), I, p. 611.
The population estimates were gathered as follows 1563: A. D. Dyer and D. M. Palliser, eds, The diocesan population returns for 1563 and 1603 (British Academy: records of social and economic history, new series, vol. XXXI, 2005), pp. 82-3; count of households 1664: The National Archives, London, Exchequer, E. 179/86/145 (on microfilm), hearth tax returns; c. 1720 F. Gastrell, Notitia Cestriensis, ed. F. R. Raines, vol. I (Chetham Society, old series, VIII, 1845), p. 319; and 1778: CALS, Diocese of Chester, EDV/7/1 (on microfilm). For 1801 and 1871 see VCH Cheshire, vol. II, pp. 208-9.)
Further details on the evolution of the parish came from N. Pevsner and E. Hubbard, The buildings of England: Cheshire (1971), p. 259; C. Williams, ed., Guide to the Cheshire record office (1991), pp. 81, 83, 84, 86; and F. A. Youngs, Jr, Guide to the local administrative units of England, Vol. II Northern England (1991), pp. xv, 7, 12, 42. For the complex geography of parts of the parish, see the base map in A.D.M. Phillips and C. B. Phillips, eds, A new historical atlas of Cheshire (Chester, 2002).

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16 February 2015.

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