WARNING: The correct use of any parish data from this project requires initial reading of the GENERAL NOTES as well as of the specific PARISH NOTES.

Chester St. Mary, 1628-1871


Note: The surviving parish registers begin in 1628, but bishops’ transcripts survive from 1601. These are available separately on this database under parish code CEMA

The registers contain baptisms, marriages, and burials in separate sequences until 1754, when a new marriage register was begun. Baptisms and burials continue in the same book until 1812, after which all events have their own registers.

Baptisms: From 1801 to 1804 the baptism register is very disordered, and by comparison with the BTs, incomplete. Confusion continues until 1812 with disordered dates and numerous entries written in the margins of the PR which do not appear in BT. The parish register records for 1810 are at the back of the book, upside down. Many entries for this year appear to have been repeated. The records for 1812 seem to have been sewn into the original book after records for 1809. The page nos. on the recto pages of the PR are added in pencil to include 1812 (in the wrong place), presumably at a later date. Slips of paper covering later dates (including more of 1812) are also at the back of the PR. From1834 to 1868 many entries are out of date order. After 1850/07/07 there are two blank entries in PR already signed by clergy. Finally, from 1852 - 1869 there are lists of private baptisms out of date order. In later years, to judge by registration dates, the way in which baptisms were performed may have impacted on the accuracy of registration, for there were numerous baptisms on single days: for example, on Whitsunday 1st June 1857, 100 children were baptised; 17th May 1869, forty-five, on 6th June 1870 sixty-nine, and on 29th May, 1871 forty-three were baptised.

Marriages From 1630. No records from 1645 to 1658. Between 1861/08/10 and 1861/10/07, marriages were performed at Handbridge, rather than at the parish church.

Between 1701 and 1720 the BT record of marriages contains notably more information than the parish register

Burials From 1628 to 1854. The burial register ends in 1854 when the churchyard was closed. At the bottom of page 22 1853 is written “Church yards closed” and another illegible note.
The place of burial, either in the church or churchyard, is often described in detail. There are many such references to Troutbeck’s Chapel which is often given as place of burial
There is a gap between June and December 1646.
The burial registers were poorly kept between 1795 and 1812, Thus, the burial register contains few entries for some years, with none at all for 1799, 1800, and 1801, while between 1808 and 1812 some 57 entries appear only in the BTs. Furthermore, a gap in the PR record beginning in September and running to the end of December in 1812 appears to result from the fact that the last page of the PR is stuck to, or obscured by, the end paper of the binding.

For 1670-1700 there is also a calendar of marriages, which is not included in this database.

Date Styles Old Stye dates to Jan 1752.

BTs lacking

Before 1688 save for 1601, 1604/5, 1616, 1622, 1624/5, 1627, 1630, 1663, 1666-75, 1677, 1679-86. Those for 1628 are damaged. BTs are damaged or missing in whole or part for 1738, 1743, 1745, 1746, 1748, 1752, and 1774. They are missing for 1796, 1797, 1799, 1801, 1807, 1808, and 1809, and damaged for 1810.

Anomalous entries

Ba 1640/05/12 (Trollocke) entry reads Hugh and twins and sonnes of William Trollocke of Handbridge Webster bapt.
Ba 1641/06/25 (Hale) entry reads Mary and Martha twins and sonnes of Peter Hale of Handbridge Glover bapt.
Ba 1669/10/21 (Greene) BT only
Ba 1683/06/26 (Tomkins) BT only
Ba 1683/07/08 (Dutton ) BT only
Ba 1683/07/08 (Neeld) BT only
Ba 1683/07/15 (Rowlantt) BT only
Ba 1683/07/17 (Walley) BT only
Ba 1683/07/22 (Woothrell) BT only
Ba 1683/07/22 (Woolthrell) BT only
Ba 1683/09/02 (Meddowes) BT only
Ba 1683/09/09 (Plumbe) BT only
Ba 1683/09/16 (Williams) BT only
Ba 1683/09/16 (Dewsbery) BT only
Ba 1683/09/16 (Rowlantt) BT only
Ba 1683/09/23 (Barlow) BT only
Ba 1683/09/27 (Bennett) BT only
Ba 1684/02/17 (Collier) BT only
Ba 1684/02/15 (Mercer) BT only
Ba 1703/08/00 (Meredeth) BT only - crossed out in PR
Ba 1721/02/00 (Prichard) Xtopher = Christopher
Ba 1719/07/15 (Macklane) Not clear whether child illegitimate daughter of Katt Meredeth or soldier was lodging at her house.
Ba 1727/09/24 (Jones) Wife’s name put first.
Ba 1737/02/21 (Finglas) Xtopher = Christopher
Ba 1759/05/02 (BLNK) Ann??
Ba 1770/09/02 (Parbertt) BT only
Ba 1772/07/17 (Thomas) BT only
Ba 1781/09/27 (LEE)??(Vaughan) Entry inserted later between others.
Ba 1784/08/20 (Bozeley) Inserted in margin
Ba 1790/02/03 (Moscrop) Entry in margin
Ba 1792/04/19 (Preston) entry may include a bap
Ba 1794/11/05 (Garrard) Entry also in margin of parish register with date 1794/08/24
Ba 1795/07/31 (Tasker) Side entry in parish register
Ba 1796/08/07 (Chapman) Side entry in parish register giving birth date of 1803
Ba 1798/03/04 (Smith) BT only
Ba 1798/03/04 (Lowe) BT only
Ba 1798/06/06 (Cocks) BT only
Ba 1798/12/28 (Gipson) Second entry in margin with date 1799/01/27
Ba 1800/12/28 (Pridden) Entry in margin of register
Ba 1802/05/02 (Mathers) also 1802/07/18 - two dates given for baptism in 1802 in single margin entry
Ba 1804/07/01 (Wheatley) BT only
Ba 1804/08/24 (Burn) date of baptism earlier that date of birth. Entry in margin.
Ba 1804/12/30 (Evans) BT only
Ba 1804/12/03 (Green) BT only
Ba 1805/05/03 (Kidd) Family baptism including twins
Ba 1835/08/23 (Ridgway) ‘This child was not baptised by me but only received into the church.’ In margin of parish register and initialled by Rector.
Ba 1836/01/10 (Parker) ‘Not baptised’ in parish register margin
Ba 1836/01/10 (Edgecombe) ‘Not baptised’ in parish register margin
Ba 1862/04/27 (Rowland) In margin ‘not entered at the proper time’
Ba 1862/12/28 (Jones) Abode ‘uncertain’
Ba 1862/12/28 (Lewis) ‘Hypothetical baptism’ in margin

Ma 1682/06/10 (Jones/Jones) BT only
Ma 1683/06/19 (Kimberley/Gleave) BT only
Ma 1683/10/26 (Jannion/Dewsbury) BT only
Ma 1684/06/10 (Farrington/Swetnam) BT only
Ma 1685/08/00 (Parrey/Lowe) BT only
Ma 1685/10/26 (Scofield/Brasgirdle) BT only
Ma 1685/10/26 (Bathoe/Dawson) BT only
Ma 1685/11/07 (Billinge/Smith) BT only
Ma 1685/12/00 (Worrall/Smith) BT only
Ma 1686/02/06 (Morrey/Dutton) BT only
Ma 1686/02/14 (Dod/Beatman) BT only
Ma 1688/09/15 (Hand/Morreys) BT only
Ma 1689/01/29 (Knowles/Hatton) BT only
Ma 1690/05/01 (Raven/Gleave) BT only
Ma 1690/09/21 (Jackson/Griffeth) BT only
Ma 1691/09/29 (Mercer/Bampton) BT only
Ma 1691/10/18 (Jackson/Farrar) BT only
Ma 1717/12/26 (Hill/Jones) BT only
Ma 1717/12/26 (Baker/Heath) BT only
Ma 1718/01/09 (Traver/Powell) BT only
Ma 1758/11/03 (Foulks/Horton) Banns apparently called after marriage.
Ma 1798/12/09 (Jones/Langley) Bride’s signature is “The mark of Eleanor Bartlett”. Eleanor Bartlett married the next day.
1843/06/03 (Jones/Hughes) BT note re. Bride’s residence: “NB one book has Handbridge, the other Castle Street - S. Davies Curate
Ma 1863/03/19 (Hools/Jones) not clear whether groom or groom’s father is illegitimate.

Bu 1667/07/08 (Arudio) BT only
Bu 1669/03/16 (Collam) BT only
Bu 1669/03/16 (Anyon) BT only
Bu 1670/04/24 (Johnes) BT only
Bu 1670/08/26 (Price) BT only
Bu 1673/03/10 (Lewis) BT only
Bu 1675/03/06 (Bradley) BT only
Bu 1675/03/11 (Barraby) BT only
Bu 1677/12/01 (Michell) entry crossed out in parish register but appears in BT
Bu 1681/08/24 (Edwards) BT only
Bu 1683/06/22 (Davis) BT only
Bu 1683/08/24 (Walley) BT only
Bu 1685/06/00 (Yethell) BT only
Bu 1685/09/02 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1685/09/29 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1685/10/03 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1685/10/11 (Evens) BT only
Bu 1685/11/07 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1685/11/13 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1686/01/02 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1686/01/28 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1686/05/01 (Davis) BT only
Bu 1686/11/00 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1686/11/00 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1688/05/24 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1688/09/22 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1689/05/08 Five soldiers belonging to the Yellow Ridgt buried 8 to the 19 of May BT only
Bu 1689/11/26 (Collier) BT only
Bu 1690/03/04 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1690/07/08 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1690/09/17 (Bett) BT only
Bu 1691/12/20 (Oldham) BT only
Bu 1692/01/17 (Dewsbury) BT only
Bu 1692/02/14 (Williams) BT only
Bu 1694/06/08 (Harrington) BT only
Bu 1697/05/01 (Alcock) BT gives 30 May for both which is probably correct as these children were baptised on 27 May
Bu 1697/05/03 (Alcock) Bt gives 30 May for both which is probably correct as these children were baptised on 27 May
Bu 1699/04/28 (BLNK, Mary) BT only
Bu 1699/07/06 (Leigh) BT only
Bu 1702/03/17 (BLNK) BT only
Bu 1707/07/24 (Woodfin) BT only
Bu 1707/11/01 (Prestbury) BT only
Bu 1708/10/28 (Midcaulfe) BT only
Bu 1714/09/22 (Dawson) BT only
Bu 1715/03/14 (Adams) BT only
Bu 1739/08/03 (Hodskins) BT only
Bu 1739/08/06 (Wood) BT only
Bu 1800/01/05 (Ryan) BT only
Bu 1800/01/05 (Lewis) BT only
Bu 1800/01/07 (Walker) BT only
Bu 1800/01/10 (Rowland) BT only
Bu 1800/01/12 (Lightfoot) BT only
Bu 1800/01/20 (Litler) BT only
Bu 1800/01/22 (Lightfoot) BT only
Bu 1800/02/15 (Bruce) BT only
Bu 1800/02/16 (Mccane) BT only
Bu 1800/02/19 (Tolley) BT only
Bu 1800/03/00 (Ithell) BT only
Bu 1800/03/08 (Humphres) BT only
Bu 1800/03/11 (Mcdonald) BT only
Bu 1800/03/13 (Fisher) BT only
Bu 1800/03/14 (Darlington) BT only
Bu 1800/03/14 (Darlington) BT only
Bu 1800/03/16 (Jones) BT only
Bu 1800/03/17 (Ithell) BT only
Bu 1800/03/17 (Fearnal) BT only
Bu 1800/03/20 (Redfern) BT only
Bu 1800/03/20 (Tayler) BT only
Bu 1800/03/23 (Chesters) BT only
Bu 1800/04/09 (Hall) BT only
Bu 1800/04/13 (Kidd) BT only
Bu 1800/04/13 (Partis) BT only
Bu 1800/04/13 (Kettreye) BT only
Bu 1800/04/14 (Ludlow) BT only
Bu 1800/04/16 (Vaughan) BT only
Bu 1800/04/17 (Jonas) BT only
Bu 1800/04/29 (Jones) BT only
Bu 1800/04/30 (Johnson) BT only
Bu 1800/05/02 (Wilding) BT only
Bu 1800/05/02 (Christopher) BT only
Bu 1800/05/05 (Mason) BT only
Bu 1800/05/09 (Mcdonald) BT only
Bu 1800/05/11 (Dean) BT only
Bu 1800/05/12 (Jones) BT only
Bu 1800/05/13 (Rowland) BT only
Bu 1800/05/13 (Lewis) BT only
Bu 1800/05/21 (Hallam) BT only
Bu 1800/06/09 (Spencer) BT only
Bu 1800/06/16 (Banister) BT only
Bu 1800/07/01 (Sandland) BT only
Bu 1800/07/03 (Tasker) BT only
Bu 1800/07/28 (Bateman) BT only
Bu 1800/08/01 (Parry) BT only
Bu 1800/08/10 (Fletcher) BT only
Bu 1800/08/19 (Miller) BT only
Bu 1800/08/24 (Crawford) BT only
Bu 1800/08/29 (Povar) BT only
Bu 1800/09/05 (Currie) BT only
Bu 1800/09/07 (Vaughan) BT only
Bu 1800/10/02 (Court) BT only
Bu 1800/10/05 (Rowland) BT only
Bu 1800/10/23 (Finchett) BT only
Bu 1800/10/23 (Goff) BT only
Bu 1800/11/05 (Boot) BT only
Bu 1800/11/07 (Moss) BT only
Bu 1800/11/12 (Sconce) BT only
Bu 1800/11/12 (Edwards) BT only
Bu 1800/11/13 (Gill) BT only
Bu 1800/12/14 (Joinson) BT only
Bu 1803/01/15 (Roberts) BT only
Bu 1803/02/21 (Hignett) BT only
Bu 1803/02/24 (Walker) BT only
Bu 1803/03/03 (Smith) BT only
Bu 1803/03/10 (Boden) BT only
Bu 1803/03/10 (Jones) BT only
Bu 1803/04/18 (Rogers) BT only
Bu 1803/04/00 (Pritchard) BT only
Bu 1803/04/25 (Zz) BT only
Bu 1803/05/04 (Collins) BT only
Bu 1803/05/14 (Davies) BT only
Bu 1803/05/12 (Smith) BT only
Bu 1803/05/17 (Thomas) BT only
Bu 1803/05/19 (Mcclay) BT only
Bu 1803/05/26 (Bedward) BT only
Bu 1803/06/13 (Nield) BT only
Bu 1803/06/15 (Maxwell) BT only
Bu 1803/06/25 (Rogers) BT only
Bu 1803/06/26 (Colclough) BT only
Bu 1803/07/00 (Bradshaw) BT only
Bu 1803/07/23 (Hughes) BT only
Bu 1803/08/04 (Hughes) BT only
Bu 1803/08/29 (Holland) BT only
Bu 1803/09/14 (Jones) BT only
Bu 1803/10/16 (Mccullough) BT only
Bu 1803/10/27 (Donaldson) BT only
Bu 1803/11/28 (Meredith) BT only
Bu 1803/12/17 (Newell) BT only
Bu 1803/12/30 (Dodd) BT only
Bu 1803/12/00 (Fairclough) BT only
Bu 1803/12/00 (Leach) BT only
Bu 1804/01/05 (Goff) BT only
Bu 1804/01/10 (Blnk) BT only
Bu 1804/01/17 (Griffiths) BT only
Bu 1804/01/28 (Harding) BT only
Bu 1804/01/06 (Smith) BT only
Bu 1804/02/16 (Lawler) BT only
Bu 1804/02/21 (Evans) BT only
Bu 1804/02/23 (Hughes) BT only
Bu 1804/02/26 (Ledsham) BT only
Bu 1804/02/29 (Hillgrove) BT only
Bu 1804/03/04 (Nield) BT only
Bu 1804/03/14 (Rowland) BT only
Bu 1804/03/27 (Bage) BT only
Bu 1804/04/01 (Edwards) BT only
Bu 1804/04/15 (Hickson) BT only
Bu 1804/04/15 (Bentley) BT only
Bu 1804/04/22 (Vaughan) BT only
Bu 1804/04/26 (Hudson) BT only
Bu 1804/04/27 (Marcroft) BT only
Bu 1804/05/06 (Brown) BT only
Bu 1804/05/13 (Craven) BT only
Bu 1804/05/28 (Harkey) BT only
Bu 1804/06/04 (Alcock) BT only
Bu 1804/06/09 (Rogers) BT only
Bu 1804/07/27 (Harvey) BT only
Bu 1804/07/28 (Parry) BT only
Bu 1804/07/25 (Campbell) BT only
Bu 1804/08/01 (Williams) BT only
Bu 1804/08/26 (Roberts) BT only
Bu 1804/09/10 (Gipson) BT only
Bu 1804/09/12 (Davies) BT only
Bu 1804/09/16 (Dicas) BT only
Bu 1804/09/18 (Holmes) BT only
Bu 1804/09/24 (Jackson) BT only
Bu 1804/10/07 (Sharp) BT only
Bu 1804/10/16 (Harrison) BT only
Bu 1804/12/19 (Thompson) BT only
Bu 1812/10/19 (Worral) forename Joseph, infant is the same name as 1812/10 20 (No father’s name in these records.
Bu 1812/12/20 Jfries is likely surname
Bu 1815/05/01 (Williams) Margaret’s age is given as 30 in the PR and her son Joseph died aged 10 days. BT gives Margaret’s age as 10 days and omits Joseph.

Clergy to 1830

1601-1626 Robtus Collier, Rector
1662 Richard Hunt, Minister
1663-1673 N Stevenson, Rector
1679-1700 Richd Wright, Rector
1722 Hugh Wilbraham, Rector
1726-1734 Charles Aldcroft, Curate
1747-1765 John Wilbraham, Rector
1769 Wm Hunter, visiting clergyman
1786-1788 W Thomas
1775-1803 Robt Hill, Rector
1803-1819 Rowland Hill, Rector
1813-1825 John Fish, Curate/Off Min
1788-1796 John Willan, Off Min performed many marriages
1813-1819 John Willan, Off Min performed many baptisms
1819-1833 Thomas Mawdesley, Rector
1818-1826 W Godwin, Curate
1827-1831 Thomas Tyrwhitt.

Churchwardens or Guardians

1616 Thomas Ormes, Jacobus Fiether;
1622 Laurence Fletcher, Willmus Horton;
1663-5 Edward Aston, Edward Dalby;
1666 Will Harvey, Richard Lowndes;
1668 (Lother, zzz Morgan Will. Peter, Randell Morgine;
1669 and 1671 Richard Grosvenor, Thomas Anyon;
1671-2 Edward Starkey, William Lloyd;
1679 Wilm Wood, Peter Dewsbury;
1680 George Jackson, Raph Leigh;
1681 John Acton, Samuel Eaton;
1682 John Johnson, Peter Venables;
1683 Samson Shelley, Matthew Browne;
1684 Richard Bavin, Richard Adams;
1686 John Whittles, John Dicas;
1687 John Wright esq,Thomas Sampson;
1731-2 Charles Collingham;
1688 Moses Dannatt, John Prestbury;
1689 John Worrall, Albon ? Grey;
1690 Thomas Reece, Phillip Beatman;
1691 John Wrench, John Cotgreave;
1692 Samuel Dannald, William Shone;
1731-3 Charles Cottingham (Collingham), Cha Hodgskis;
1732-3 Charls Hodgskin, Jams Walley;
1733 Wm Witter (Willer);
1733-4 Rich Gough;
1734 William Ithel;
1759 John Jordon, Thomas Griffiths (Sidesman William Ratcliffe, Thomas Humbley) ;
1761 1793 ?? Edson;

Church accounts’ run from 1536 to 1782, and from 1737 to 1866, with churchwardens’ draft accounts from 1603 to 1628. These are not included in this database.


At the bottom of the BT burial page after 1604/06/20: “Besides these many were buried at the Cabbins and by the water side whose names I have not ... ” 1720-1733 Marriages by licence “By vertue of a Licence Granted by the Right worshipful Peregrine Gastrell, Chancellor” or “By Rev. Arthur Fogg, Surrogate”.

1739-1746 many ex-army invalids lived in the Gloverstone area. ‘Invalid’ appears as occupation often in the 18th century. Also from 1739 many soldiers are married in the church.

1759/06/05 - 1760/10/21 in burial register OS dates across page, NS dates in margins.

Between 1792/01/09 and 1795/03/16 some entries have “P” by them

1798 The following appears after the last entry: “ Copy of the Inscription on the Coffin of John Sorton ‘ John Sorton died June 2 1801 aged 70 years’." The above is a true copy taken this day October 21st 1822.Witness my hand Willm Godwin curate
In the Presence of John S. Rogers, Mayor of Chester.

The following appears after 1801/12/06 (Williams):
City of Chester and County of the same City to wit: Joseph Vaughan of the City of Chester labourer maketh oath and saith that Thomas Vaughan of the same City, Cabinet maker and Turner his son is of the age of Twenty One years upon the ninth day of present month of March as he believeth and was Baptised at his House by the Reverend John Will ... Curate of the Parish Church of St. Mary on the Hill in the said city and that his daughters Mar ... and Charlotte were baptised in the said parish.
Sworn at the said City 13th day of March 1822: the mark of Joseph Vaughan John S Rogers, Mayor

In August/September 1833, “C” appears under the deceased’s name. “C” is entered under “cause of death” = cholera.
At the foot of page 176 after 1849/08/05 (Blake) is entered:
“Those marked thus * died of cholera.” Later in the PR, “C” was used.
At the foot of Page 177 after 1849/08/16 (Harrison) is entered:“Jones Handbridge Waterloo: chol. Buried St. Brides”. (St Bridget’s? - no St Bride’s in Chester).
Hughes Belgrave Square Handbridge buried Wales chole
Ann Price Rock Handbridge buried choler St Brides”
At foot of page 181 after 1849/09/23 (Hughes) is entered:
“Morris St. John’s Church, Bottoms Lane Cholera”

Marginal note in PR alongside 1860/06/12 (Moulton):
Parish Clerk: William Wainwright appointed parish clerk by Revd T Eaton Rector St. Mary June 12 1840.

Editorial contribution (not in PR)

The ancient parish of Chester St Mary on the Hill was partly within the urban area of Chester, but it also comprised, to the north of the city, part of the township of Upton (Upton by Chester), and the townships of Moston, and Mollington Banastre (or Little Mollington). These three became the ecclesiastical parish of Upton in 1743 (Youngs, below, Cheshire Record Office list has 1822; the Upton registers for burials and baptisms begin in 1853 and 1854). The contiguous ancient parishes to Upton were, clockwise from the northwest, Shotwick, Backford, Plemstall, Chester St Oswald, and Chester Holy Trinity. (Note that the residents of Moston are reported to have used the parish church of Backford extensively.) South of the city, St Mary on the Hill included the township of Marston cum Lache, and of Claverton. These went into the new ecclesiastical parish of Lache cum Saltney in 1855 (Youngs, though Williams reports the registers beginning in 1853). The contiguous ancient parishes to these townships were, anti-clockwise from the southwest, Dodleston, Eccleston, and Chester St Oswald.

The population of St Mary's ancient parish can be estimated by the number of households in ecclesiastical ‘censuses’ of 1563 (188 households or families; though query whether or not these numbers include Upton), c.1720 (234), and in 1778 (585 houses). The population of the ancient parish in 1801, was 2,129 people, and 5,149 in 1871 (both including Upton by Chester).

Previous transcripts

J.P. Earwaker, The history of the church and parish of St Mary on the Hill, Chester (1898) contains extracts from the registers.

A.J. Farrington, The parish register of St Mary on the Hill Chester 1547-1628 (Typescript in Cheshire Record Office, 1966), printed in Cheshire Sheaf, Ser 4 vol. 2. [This a transcript of the BT entries prior to the commencement of the surviving parish registers, and entries taken from Harleian Manuscript 2177 in the British Library].

Monumental inscriptions

Indexed list in the Bennett collection in the Cheshire Record Office, DBE, dated 1910.


Colin Phillips compiled these notes, using Jennifer Duncan’s digest of the information collected by transcribers and recorded with each transcription pad. Further information about the make-up of the register volumes came from the lists in the Cheshire Record Office.
The population estimates were gathered as follows: 1563 The diocesan population returns for 1563 and 1603, ed. A.D. Dyer and D.M. Palliser (British Academy: records of social and economic history, new series, vol. 31, 2005), p. 78; c. 1720 F. Gastrell, Notitia Cestriensis, ed. F.R. Raines, vol. I (Chetham Society, old series, VIII, 1845); and 1778: Cheshire RO, Diocese of Chester, EDV/7/1 (on microfilm). For 1801 and 1871 see VCH Cheshire, vol. II, p. 211.) Details on the evolution of the parish came from C. Williams, Guide to the Cheshire Record Office ([Chester], 1991), p. 84; and Guide to the local administrative units of England, Vol. II Northern England, ed. F.A. Youngs, Jr (1991), pp.14, 23, 39 The complex geography of the parish can be followed in the base map in A.D.M. Phillips and C.B. Phillips, A new historical atlas of Cheshire (Chester, 2001).

C.B. Phillips, 4 Jun 2007
BMD, May 2011
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