WARNING: The correct use of any parish data from this project requires initial reading of the GENERAL NOTES as well as of the specific PARISH NOTES.

MACCLESFIELD St Michael, 1572-1871


Beginning with volume 1, the parish registers contain notices of grants of pews in the church which are not here noted. There is a separate register of pew rents and accounts from 1838 to 1882, which is not here noted. From 1718 regulations for bell ringers are included but not here noted. (Note: from 1830 onwards St Michaels kept a copy of the registers of Macclesfield Christ Church; these copy registers are not here considered to be registers of Macclefield St Michael. Indeed, they are kept with the Christ Church archive at the Cheshire Record Office.)

Volume 1 is mixed entries and runs from 1572 until 1621, with one entry for January 1622/3. Much of it is illegible. The version in the Cheshire Parish Registers database up to 1667 is taken from an anonymous transcription published in the parish magazine in 1893, but the original register has been compared with the 1893 transcription, and the 1893 transcription revised as necessary. Even in 1893 some of the register was in poor condition and illegible. Many notes are appended to the transcription in the parish magazine. There is a copy of the parish magazine in the parish archive.

Volume 2 begins in 1621 and comprises mixed entries to March 1644/5. From then until 1653 baptisms and burials are listed together, and marriages separately from 1646-1651. It is disordered around 1625-6, and for 1633 the marriage entries are unreadable save for dates and residences. Sometimes, as on page 100 for 1643 (and later for 1648), there is uncertainty as to whether entries are burials or baptisms.
BTs also sometimes illegible.

Volume 3 contains baptisms from 1655 to 1685, marriages from 1662 to 1684, and burials from 1660 to 1685. They are given as separate sequences of entries. The register is disordered. A few pages of the register were bound upside down. Some entries do not give a forename. Some PR entries are not in the BT. There are gaps between 1663 and 1665.
From 1656 the wording for civil marriages is: 'These are to certify all whom it may concern that (eg. Thomas Lowe sonne of Thomas Low (of) Mearton and Anne Passe daughter of John Passe of Roade were lawfully marryed at Macclesfield by Samuell Blackbach Justice of Peace upon the seventh of January 1655.'

Volume 4 has christenings, marriages and burials from 1685 to 1696 in three separate sequences.

Volume 5 has separate overlapping sequences of christenings, marriages, and burials from 1696 to 1712. The marriage entries are disordered so that 1704/1/12 to 1712/05/11 appear before 1699/11/02, and there is other disordering thereafter.

Volume 6 has separate overlapping sequences of christenings, marriages, and burials from 1712 to 1731.

Volume 7 is similarly arranged from 1731 to 1752. It includes the first christenings recorded separately for Wincle and for Rainow, from 1730, and similar separate entries appear in the BTs.

Volume 8 has christenings and burials in separate sequences from 1752 to 1770, with marriages for 1752 to 1754 only. Thereafter there were no marriages in Macclesfield, until 1835. For the intervening years, marriages are recorded in Prestbury parish registers. For 1763-5 a list of purchases of burial places and exact locations in the churchyard is given, not here noted.

Volume 9 1771-1792, separate sequences of baptisms and burials.
Inside front cover: ‘Delivered to Mr Sharpe this book Feb 22 1789’.

Volume 10 1793-1809, separate sequences of baptisms and burials.
Burial entries give ages.

Volume 11 1810-1812, separate sequences of baptisms and burials.
Burial entries give ages.

Registers of christenings
January 1813 to May 1872 in 12 volumes.
[Very large numbers of baptisms took place around 1836 and 1837. In the eight months from March to Nov 1836, there were 486 baptisms, many multiples though not necessarily consecutive entries. There were 526 baptisms between 25th and 30th June 1837.]
Some entries give a marginal note of the date of birth.
One page of the register for 1858 is headed 1857, but the order and date of the records indicate that this is a clerical error.
In 1869 there is an error in page numbering in the register: page 234 is followed by page 335, then page 336, before numbering resumed as page 237, 238, etc.

Registers of marriages
November 1835 to 1879 in 6 volumes.
When marriages resumed at St Michael, the Register was headed 'Marriages solemnized at Macclesfield in the Parish of Prestbury.'

Registers of burials
January 1813 to 1873 in 4 volumes, and there are only nine entries after 1855.
Some years give totals as after 1829/12/28 ‘Total in 1828 221’, or after 1829/12/29, in left margin, ‘Total in 1829 191’, and in right margin ‘Entered in Schedule’.

PR begins in Latin, but has long stretches in English up to 1638, from whence it is in Latin until 1733.

BTs Lacking
No BTs until 1590, then none 1591-99, 1601-4, 1606-8.
No BTs for 1613, 1614, 1616, 1617 damaged, 1618, 1621, 1624, 1627, 1639, 1642-6, 1651-1662, 1656.
Illegible in parts 1684 - 93, and most of 1694 illegible, 1698 - 9.
1761 damaged. 1813 in poor condition. No BTs listed after 1845.

No BTs 1590/03/25 - 1590/04/07, 1591, 1592-99, 1601, 1612, 1613-14, 1616- 19.
No BTs 1634ish, 1639 holed and stained, 1642 -62. No BTs Feb to July 1678. Part December 1679 torn away. No BT 1681 or until May 1682. 1686 torn and stained. April 1688 badly worn; May 1689 damaged. No BTs 1694 1699, 1707.

No BTs until 1586. None for 1612 - 1618, 1621, 1624, 1627, 1639, 1642 - 62. No marriage BTs 1699 - 1720.

New Style begins in the baptisms in January 1754

Anomalous entries

Ba 1573/12/10 (Heggenbothom) Entry appears to be duplicated. In the original Register they are separated by two pages of burials and marriages.
Ba 1575/11/10 (Heggenbotham) This multiple burial described as three twins.
Ba. 1576/06/15 (Sutton) “Killed at Chester 1601. Buried at Chester. Married Eliz daughter of Thos Legh of Adlington”
Ba 1686/04/02 (Haitner) Entry added at the end of may in a different hand. Not in BT
Ba 1689/12/31 (Rathbone) baptised’s forename ‘Parnel Petronilla’. Petronila appears to be written under Parnel and in a different hand.
Ba 1691/08/12 (Hall) Entry is in the margin of the register. Not in BT
Ba 1704/00/00 (Barnes) Entry is in the margin of the register.
Ba 1712/10/18 (Hawald) This entry is written in a space on the back page of the PR. No year is given. 1712 has been attributed as this is the year of the main body of entries at the end of the PR, but may be wrong.
Ba 1771 /09/08 (Salt) Also recorded on 1771/09/08 but crossed out in PR
Ba 1779/11/28 (Floyd) Child is not illegimate in BT
Ba 1821/09/16 (Eaton) After this entry is written at a later date: “Eaton by error for Ayton on the evidence of the mother and a friend, Thomas Harrison, living on the Watercoates near the Turks Head zz July 1852 (initials + CAJS?)
Ba 1824/05/02 Turner) The mother’s name “Mary” ought to be “Mercy” on the evidence of the woman herself Mercy Turner living 119 Hurdsfield Road, this 21st day of May 1851. L.A.Smith Minister. See also entry of similar note 1831/04/03
Ba 1827/03/11 (Crompton) surname should be Sutcliffe, alteration dated 13 May 1849
Ba 1825/01/02 (Bayley) Son Peter BT only. Daughter Nancy is in PR only
Ba 1829/03/11 (Herdman) Forename given as ‘George’ is corrected to ‘Gawin’
Ba 1835/04/21 (Metcalfe or Brindley) ‘Declared by his widowd mother/widow’s brother that the name should have been “Metcalfe Brindley” the father having been the natural child of ?Edward Metcalfe and zzz Brindley etc’
Ba 1590/09/27 (Birtles) BT only
Ba 1608/03/15 (Wilton) BT only
Ba 1609/01/08 (Weddinbury) BT only
Ba 1627/02/25 (Andrew) BT only
Ba 1627/02/25 (Bradshagh) BT only
Ba 1665/06/18 (Warburton) BT only
Ba 1665/06/18 (Walker) BT only
Ba 1665/07/02 (Lacy) BT only
Ba 1665/07/20 (Barber) BT only
Ba 1665/08/12 (Wilkinson) BT only
Ba 1665/08/24 (Gardner) BT only
Ba 1665/09/09 (Lachford) BT only
Ba 1665/09/21 (Hough) BT only
Ba 1665/09/30 (Berchinhough) BT only
Ba 1665/10/07 (Smethurst) BT only
Ba 1665/10/07 (Gorton) BT only
Ba 1665/10/08 (Ridgway) BT only
Ba 1665/10/21 Houly) BT only
Ba 1665/10/23 (Stokes) BT only
Ba 1665/10/28 (Howley) BT only
Ba 1665/11/04 (zzulshaw) BT only
Ba 1665/11/11 (Chorlton) BT only
Ba 1665/11/19 (Huge) BT only
Ba 1665/12/03 (Talor) BT only
Ba 1665/12/19 (zzz) BT only
Ba 1665/12/19 (White) BT only
Ba 1685/05/20 (Brodhurst) BT only
Ba 1685/09/07 (Wright) BT only
Ba 1687/02/20 (Hughes) BT only
ba 1691/04/08 (Bancroft) BT only
Ba 1732/03/19 (Fowler) BT only
Ba 1732/06/14 (Hough) BT only
Ba 1732/06/20 (Stonely) BT only
Ba 1732/06/20 (Janney) BT only
Ba 1732/06/21 (Broadhead) BT only
Ba 1732/12/24 (Adshead) BT only
Ba 1733/01/7 (Upton) BT only
Ba 1733/03/18 (Chappel) BT only
Ba 1737/03/30 (Wrench) BT only
Ba 1740/09/24 (Burgess) BT only
Ba 1753/04/24 (Hall) BT only
Ba 1753/04/24 (Oaks) BT only
Ba 1756/01/13 (Johnson) BT only
Ba 1756/02/06 (Bradbury) BT only
Ba 1756/05/09 (Ball) BT only
Ba 1756/05/30 (Broadhurst) BT only
Ba 1756/06/11 (Ainsworth) BT only
Ba 1756/10/24 (Cottrill) BT only
Ba 1771/06/20 (Mellor) BT only
Ba 1771/09/02 (Curbitchley) BT only
Ba 1771/09/02 (Ainsworth) BT only
Ba 1772/09/03 (Geskell) BT only
Ba 1777/05/15 (Robinson) BT only
Ba 1777/10/19 (Maddock) BT only
Ba 1778/05/31 (Sutton) BT only
Ba 1779/04/14 (Hammond) BT only
Ba 1779/08/08 (Pilkinton) BT only
Ba 1779/10/03 (Booth) BT only
Ba 1780/01/02 (Walker) BT only
Ba 1780/02/20 (Barlow) BT only
Ba 1780/07/11 (Booth) BT only
Ba 1780/10/07 (Cooke) BT only
Ba 1781/07/20 (Hazlehurst) BT only
Ba 1799/05/09 (Devenport) BT only

Ma 1853/01/18 (Davies/Wever) Vicar’s note in margin, 'Wheawell is often pronounced as if spelt ‘Wever’ hence the mistake in the Banns Book. J Nash Jan 18 1853'.
Ma 1853/01/31 (Bullock/Wheelton) Vicar’s note in margin, '’Wheelton’ is spelt as in Banns book. At time of marriage, the parties spelt the name ‘Wheeldon’.'
Ma 1856/10/06 (Timperley/Handley) Groom’s name entered as Timperley but he signs as ‘Handley’ (bride’s surname).
Ma 1855/04/22 (Brereton/Mosely) Bride’s mark against name of Mary Chadwick, bride in previous entry.
Ma 1856/08/31 (Hulme/Mandley) Bride’s name entered as Mary Ann Ottley (the bride in the entry above). Father’s name and bride’s signature are Mandley.
Ma 1860/02/26 (Wildgoose/Watson) Extended marginal note explaining the altered name on the marriage form itself as briefly noted on the form itself.
Ma 1663/10/06 (Doane/Kidd BT only
Ma 1664/11/10 (Rixson/Batman) BT only
Ma 1665/01/30 (Mottershead/Baxter) BT only
Ma 1665/04/07 (Barrett/Buckley) BT only
Ma 1666/02/08 (Boardman/Heape) Bride’s surname could be Nield
Ma 1747/12/10 (Culshaw/Duncalf) BT only
Ma 1752/01/19 (Deane/Deane) BT only
Ma 1754/02/13 (Mottershead/Cooper) BT only

Bu 1620/09/10 (Dillsonce), name and residence doubtful
For some burials 1829 - 30, Roman Catholic is entered instead of minister’s name.
Burials 1829, end of register page 74, a total of 129
Bu 1602/01/00 (Brodhurst) BT only
Bu 1615/11/07 (Walmsley) BT only
Bu 1616/02/00 (Lees) BT only
Bu 1620/07/31 (Howley) BT only
Bu 1620/09/00 (Orme) BT only
Bu 1625/08/21 (Nedham) BT only
Bu 1625/12/08 (Vawdrey) BT only
Bu 1626/11/22 (Clarke) BT only
Bu 1630/02/09 (Loather) BT only
Bu 1636/05/11 (Harrison) BTonly
Bu 1645/01/01 (Sompner) BT only
Bu 1670/05/12 (Elles) BT only
Bu 1673/01/02 (Simpson) BTonly
Bu 1674/06/10 (Ward) BT only
Bu 1674/07/00 (Berry) BTonly
Bu 1675/01/18 (Brocklehurst) BT only
Bu 1675/08/00 (Bancroft) BT only
Bu 1678/01/12 (Broadhead) BT only
Bu 1678/01/12 (Lucas) BT only
Bu 1678/01/12 (Warrington) BT only
Bu 1678/01/21 (Johnson) BT only
Bu 1678/01/23 (Seaman) BT only
Bu 1678/01/27 (Smallwood) BT only
Bu 1678/01/27 (Forest) BT only
Bu 1683/11/14 (Reas) BT only
Bu 1683/11/20 (Lamb) BT only
Bu 1683/11/24 (Fox) BT only
Bu 1691/12/24 (Andrew) BT only
Bu 1693/01/21 (Wilde) BT only
Bu 1737/04/29 (Clark) BT only
Bu 1738/12/31 (Clark) BT only
Bu 1740/03/05 (Gosling) BT only
Bu 1745/04/15 (Slatwell) BT only
Bu 1745/04/17 (Bennet) BT only
Bu 1745/04/18 (Oldfield) BT only
Bu 1745/04/10 (Barlow) BT only
Bu 1747/09/03 (Broadhurst) BT only
Bu 1747/10/10 (Hayes) BT only
Bu 1747/11/13 (Broadhurst) BT only
Bu 1748/01/08 (Broadhurst) BT only
Bu 1748/02/18 (Slatwell) BT only
Bu 1762/02/23 (Stubbs) BT only
Bu 1764/07/29 (Davenport) BT only
Bu 1770/12/27 (Blnk) BT only
Bu 1770/12/08 (Legh) BT only
Bu 1770/12/15 (Mottershead) BT only
Bu 1770/12/19 (Williscroft) BT only
Bu 1770/12/17 (Wardle) BT only
Bu 1770/12/02 (Bennett) BT only
Bu 1770/12/02 (Alcock) BT only
Bu 1771/03/14 (Fowler) BT only
Bu 1776/05/23 (Sherd) BT only
Bu 1779/03/02 (Cherry) BT only
Bu 1779/05/03 (Clark) BT only
Bu 1779/07/12 (Britton) BT only
Bu 1779/07/15 (Barber) BT only
Bu 1780/09/10 (Hough) BT only
Bu 1782/03/16 (Clemlow) BT only
Bu 1783/03/28 (Frances Farrall) BT only
Bu 1783/11/15 (Hough) BT only
Bu 1783/11/15 (Orme) BT only
Bu 1783/11/22 (Broadhurst) BT only
Bu 1783/11/24 (Turner) BT only
Bu 1788/09/00 (Mottershead) BT only
Bu pad 195 10/7 Entry written in the margin of the PR out of order.


Volumes of the parish register pre-dating 1788 contain a notice that the volume was 'Exhibited to us under a Comission of Examination of Witnesses in this cause and produced and shewn to and deposed unto by Mr John Bayley this 29th December 1788” in a law suit between Elizabeth Legh, Complainant, and Abraham Day & others, Defendants, with names of witnesses.

Memorandum on flyleaf of volume 1 of parish register:
'Christenings at Macclesfield
Margaret Sutton daughter of Francis Sutton Esq 1572/00/00
Marie Sutton ditto ditto 1572/02/27
Richard Sutton son of ditto 1575/06/15
John Sutton ditto ditto 1578/09/01
Anne Sutton daughter of ditto 1580/04/02
(The last four appear in their due place in the register; the first predates the register.)

A number of other entries are preceded by a "P". Parish magazine transcriber suggests P may be a reference to payment but notes that none of these entries appears in the Prestbury Registers.

Between entries of 1610/08/06 and 1610/08/20 is noted "Philippo Hollando Lectore hi baptizat" "Praedicto ministro"

Some burial entries in 1603 are headed:
"Burials in Macc since God’s visitation".

Volume 2
After 1621/10/06
"Memorandum that (from October 1621 until midsomer following Anno 1662) John Smedhurst executing the Reader’s place pretended he had licence to bury (which he had not, as appeared afterwards, but in case of necessitie) and in that time buried many but registered them not. In whose absence at diverse tymes these p(er)sons following were buried by Philip Holland Minister and preacher of Macclesfield.
(Signed by) George Lowe, Wiliam Jepson, zzzzgardner, zzzp Bannister, Churchwardens. Anno 1621"

Volume 3
"Collections by briefes
1661/02/24 for an Irish gent 17.8 1/2d
1661/05/12 for repair of a church 8.0 1/2d
1661/06/23 for Drayton in Salop 14.9d
Collected for fishing workes June 22nd in the congregation and Eister from house to house £1.4.2"

"A true register of all christenings since the 12 day of Jan 1665 being the first day that I, Raph Peregrine, did enter into the clerke of the parochiall chappell of Macclesfield."

Page 301 of volume 3, "Collected for the poore distressed of the inhabitants of the city of London by the late late lamentable fire the sum of five ponds five shillings and three pence on the 27th day of December 1668".

Page 55 of volume 5: "an account of what money that is distributed to the poore of Macclesfield upon St Thomas day and by whom it is payd"

Also a transcript of the will of Hugh Johnson setting up a charity of £5 annually for the poor of Macclesfield in 1700.

Memo of a Vestry meeting in 1732 that a new pulpit and reading desk replaced Anne Roe’s pews.

Page 1 of volume 7 notes: "The Parochial Chapel of Macclesfield was taken down and rebuilt in Ye Year 1740"; a note on how to dismantle the chandelier and re-assemble it.

Volume 8, inside front cover, notes about numbers of weddings and of baptisms.

Volume 9 concludes with a total of baptisms of 3,002; some years give annual totals.

From October 1783 entries are headed, "From this time the Duty takes place."

Register of Christenings: at top of page before 1861/03/24 (Birch) is written:.
"Note. Baptisms were celebrated in Crompton Road National School & a separate register kept there, which is now placed among these Registers, from March 31st 1861. That separate Register is now discontinued as irregular & all Baptisms within the parish are entered in the usual Parish Church Registers.
[signed] S A Lloyd ? Vicar Jan 10. 1897."

It is not clear if the register referred to above is the separate register of christenings from 1869 to 1896, recorded in the parish archive. In any case, the 1869-1896 volume has not been transcribed here.

Clergy (to 1830) and Churchwardens

From 1603 at the instigation of James I there was a minister, and a curate.

1621-6 P Holland
1626 Edm Hardie
1644 Henry Holland Minister died 1644/02/26
1648 Mr Holland Minister died 1648/10/08
1651 John Brereton
1663-66 Ralph Barlow died 1666/12/046
1666-89 Robert Hunter
1678 John Wall
1689-1710 Saml Hulme
1710-18 Sam Taylor
1727-31 Tho Gilbert
1732-54 John Robinson
1756-64 James Roe
1758 John Burscoe
1765-70 John Burscoe
1771 J. Sharpe
1780-82 Wm Lingard
1783-88 J.Sharpe
1800-28 Lawrence Heapy
1829-48 W.C.Cruttenden

1599 Thos Shert
1628-48 Ralph Stringer
1662 Thomas Jackson, Curate at Pott
1671 John Yearwood Curate at Macclesfield
1688-89 Abel (Noel?) Ashworth
1699-1719 Samuel Taylor buried 1719/12/02
1719-26 John (or Jonathan) Hanson
1728-30 William Roe
1726-1731 J. Allen (dates not precisely given within range of transcription pad)
1726-1731 John Morewood (dates not precisely given within range of transcription pad)
1730-55 John Burscoe
1826-28 R.L.Townsend (Townshend?)
1829-32 Wm Whitworth

Visiting clergy or assistant curates
1662 Mr Worthington, minister at Onibury, Salop
1666 John Barlow, minister at Congleton
1668 Mr. Kinsey, curate of Pres(ton)
1668 Mr Asherworth, minister at Flixton, Lancs
1671 John Higginbotham, chaplain to John Arden
1726-1731 J. Swaine curate of Prestbury
1824 J Barber

1599 William Bradforte)
John Blogg Macclesfield Parish
James Bateman Sutton & Wincle
Rauff Pott Rainow, Hurdsfield, Kettlehulme, Pott.
1599 Rauff Lockett P Macclesfield
Henry Plante P Sutton & Wincle
Willm Booth P Rainow & Hurdsfield
Anthonie Gaskel P Kettleshulme
John Normansell P Pott Shrigley
1613 Thomas Bollington for Macclesfield,
hughe Hordern for Wincle,
John Day for Hurdsfield,
John Pickeford for Kets ??,
John Normansell for Pott Shrigley
John Wylde for Broken Cross & Macclesfield,
Thomas Shoare for Hurdsfield,
William Chadwicke for Sutton,
Reginald Allen for Pott Shrigley,
zz Wilson for Kets ??
Francis Hough of Ranall, John Hodskinsonne,
John Ormett of Wincle, Edmund Rowe, Thomas Adshead

Churchwardens (or Chapelwardens)
1599 James Smethhurst, Willm Bradforte (Botesmen);
(From burial notes) Churchwardens elected Willm Bradforte,
John Blagge P Macclesfield,
James Bateman P Sutt & Wicl,
Rauff Pott P Kettleshulme / Pots;
1600 Thos Blagge, Willm Bradforte, zzz Johnson,
zzz Pott (churchwardens)
John Brodhurst (Sutton),
George Deye (Hurdesfeld),
Hugo Jermyn, Thomas Pott.
1601, 1602 Hugh Jermyn, Edward Orme,Thomas Deyne, Thomas Pott;
1611 William Rowbothon,
John Brundreth for Macclesfield,
George Daye for Rainow and Hurdesfield,
John Brodhurst for Sutton;
1613 John Hall of Macclesfield, Thomas Fletcher of Macclesfield,
John Brodhurst of Lee for Sutton,
Lawrence Pott of Lowe for Rainow.
1614 Henry Cherry, Edward Blagge for Macclesfield,
William Clowes for Sutton & Wincle,
Humfrey Swindells for Rainow & Hurdsfield.
1618 Brundreth younger, James Pickford, John Barnes, Henry Jacksonne;
1621 George Lowe, William Jepsonne, zzz Gardner, zzzp Bannister;
1622 Thomas Ouldfield, John Berrow, Thomas Shrigley, William Slacke;
1623 Richard Deane, Raphe Taylor, John Lathom, Edmund Wright;
1625 George Shrigley, Henry zzzzz, Thomas Greene, Henry zzzzz;
1626 Christophill Rowe, John Weiland, Thomas Clarke, Robert Hardern;
1627 Rich Rowbotham, Rob Horderne, Hugh Foden, Robert Normansell;
1628 Peter Dale, Lancelot Bostocke, Roger Ouldfield, John Lathom;
1629 Edward Jackson, Robert Taylor, Willm Sutton, Thomas Orme;
1630 Francis Brundreth, Gualther Cheetam, Henry Tompson, Thomas Adshead;
1631 William Parsons, William Thornicroft, John Hooley, Anthony Boothe;
1632 William Rowe, Peter Ridgway, John Jackson, George Brocklehurst;
1633 Thomas Berry, Frances Broadhurst, Henry Jackson;
1634 Thomas Stapleton, Thomas Parsons, Philippe Bateman, Wilm Wortmington;
1635 Wm Rowe, Jo Weeland, Rich Clowes, Jo Cleaton;
1636 Thomas Oldfield, Samuel Wilton, Arnalt Dean, John Davenport;
1637 Wm Fletcher, Jo Oldfield, Wm Clearke, Peter Deane;
1638 Adam Motershead, Jacobs Barbor, Jacobs Ch(B)errie, Georgius Daye;
1639 Henrics Davie, Johes Potter, Johes Lathome, Thomas Slacke;
1640 Tho Johnson, Wms Johnson, Law Pott, Reginald Tollett;
1641 Jacobus Pickford Ju, Henricus Cherrie, Johes Bannester, Edrus Shaw;
1642 Robtus Barlowe, Rogerus Tofte, Georgius Day Jun, Hugo Byron;
1643 Wms Yeates, Downes Legh, James Higinbothome, Philipe Swindels;
1644 Tho Bollington, Rich Pearson, Ferdina;ndo Jackson, John Barlowe;
1645 Edw Shelton, Wm Whitakers, Ra Goodwine;
1646 Thomas Strettill, James Rathbone, John Lowe, James Ouldfeild;
1647 Richard Mottershed, John Jarman;
1648 Richard Blagge, John Breech;
1663 John Grafton, Tho Chorton, Tho Lingart, Lawrence Pott;
1666 Sam Leah, Thomas Brickhill, William Thompson, Thomas Haumor;
1667 Nathaniel More, Roger Bancroft, Phillip Batman, Richard Cutler;
Raphe Pickeringe Clerk of ye Parochiall Chapell;
1670 Hugh Latham, Francis Swindel, Jaspar Swindelle, John Thompson;
1678 Joseph Brody, Clerke, Edward Cartwright, James Ruscow, Matthew Simson, John Wyat;
1688 Stephen Phillips, George Warburton;
1712 John Davenport, Joseph Eccles;
1713 Sam Brocklehurst (Blacklash?lock?) , John Hallaway, Joseph Pickford;
1714-15 Jas Deane (Davenport?), Tho Burgess;
1715-16, Thomas Brocklehurst, Peter Ollerenshaw, Saml Smallwood;
1717 Thomas Statham (Stalham?), George Chantry,
(Hugo Hewitt, Parish Clerk, buried);
1718 John Partington, John Clayton, John Astle ;
1719 Jonat Hull, John Partington, John Astle;
1720 John Bostock, Joseph Occleston;
1721 Tho Huxley, R Smith;
1722 Tho Fermough, Wilm Newton;
1723 John Davenport, Nehemiah Miller;
1724 John Baxter, Tho Heywood;
1725 Sam Smallwood;
1726 Sam Bamford, Jo Hawkins;
1727 Thos Rowson, Josiah Rathbone;
1728-9 Will Norton, Randle Smallwood;
1730 John Davenport, John Brocklehurst;
1731 Wm Brocklehurst, Tho Warburton;
1732 Roger Roydon, Phillip Holland (Hollend?);
1733 Tho Mottershead, Jos Forster;
1734 Carteret Danson (?Lancer), John Hudson;
1735 Saml Glover, John Barber;
1736 Jno Hulley, William Greaves;
1737 Robt Thornley, Henry Brocklehurst;
1738 William Booth, Peter Billinge;
1739 Chas Stiles, James Haley (Staley?), Josiah Barnes, clerk;
1740 Saml Huxley, James Bradock;
1741 John Bagnall, George Greaves;
1742 Peter Antrobus, John Charlton;
1743 Nathaniel Mayer, Thos Evanson;
1744 Thos Rowson, John Turner;
1745 Thos Ryle, Tho Hall;
1746 Thomas Varden, Robt Harrop;
1747 James Domivile, William Taylor;
1748 Thos Varden, Jona Johnson;
1749 Richd Johnson, James Nixon;
1750 Jonas Hall, Daniel Eccles;
1751 Jonathn Clarke junr, Nathan Sutton;
1752 Nathaniel Bradock, John Macom;
1753 Edward Mottershead, Amos Hall;
1754 Daniel Nixon, John Wood;
1755 Saml Langford (Lankford?), Saml Glover;
1756 Saml Glover, Phil Deane;
1760 Sam Glover;
1764 John Twemlow;
1786 Sept Farness;
1787 Septimus Furness, A C Bailey;
1800 John Slack, W. Wilson;
1802 Thomas Burgess, Henry Cherry;
1803 Thos Burgess, Saml Hall;
1804 Saml Hall, Thos Boden;
1805 Thos Boden, Henry Lowe;
1806 Henry Lowe, James Pearson;
1807 James Pearson, Henry Wardle;
1808 Henry Wardle, Danl Hollinshead;
1809 Danl Hollinshead, Thos Wood;
1810 Thos Wood, Wm Thornicroft;
1811 Wm Thornicroft, Willm Barnett;
1812 Wm Barnett, Wm Cooper;
Oct 1812 John Davenport, Joseph Eccles.

Churchwardens’ accounts exist from 1686 to 1888, but have not been noted there.

Editorial contribution (not in PR)

The ecclesiastical organisation of Macclesfield is complex, our knowledge of it contradictory, and in any case it changes over time!

The parochial chapelry of Macclesfield lay in the north-east of Cheshire, a dependent chapelry of the parish of Prestbury until 1813 when (according to Youngs) it became a separate ecclesiastical parish in a foundation which did not apparently succeed. It did however become an independent parish in 1835, as the marriage registers (see above) demonstrate. The chapelry comprised the townships of Hurdesfield, Kettleshulme, Macclesfield, Macclesfield Forest, Pott Shrigley, Rainow, Sutton, Wildboarclough, and Wincle. (Youngs does not acknowledge that these townships were part of the chapelry, but Bishop Gastrell’s Notitia of c. 1720 included them, p. 291, but cf. pp. 284-5.)

There were chapels within the parochial chapelry: that at Macclesfield Forest had its own registers from c. 1731 (it and Wildborclough became an ecclesiastical parish in 1735 or 1737 according to Youngs); that at Pott had its own registers from 1630 (and Youngs has it as a separate ecclesiastical parish from 1719); that at Rainow had its own registers from 1765, and it separated from St Michaels in 1863; that at Salterford (Jenkins chapel) had its own registers from 1813 and it separated from St Michaels in 1864 to become Salterford with Kettleshulme ecclesiastical parish (though Youngs says this was a re-foundation of a separate ecclesiastical parish of Salterford established in 1780); and that at Wincle had its own registers from 1803 and it separated from St Michaels in 1869. (Bishop Gastrell’s Notitia mentions the chapels at Macclesfield Forest, Pott, and Wincle.) Additionally, Macclesfield Christ Church was founded from within the chapelry in 1776, when its registers begin, but it was not allowed to celebrate marriages, and became a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1837. Sutton St George was founded in 1835 (registers begin 1823) and Sutton St James in 1859 or 1860); Hurdesfield Holy Trinity in 1840 (registers begin 1839); Macclesfield St Paul (registers 1844), and Macclesfield St Peter (registers 1846) both in 1844. As the notes above show, events for Rainow and Wincle began to be recorded separately in the St Michael’s registers from the 1730s.

To the north the chapelry bounded other townships in the parish of Prestbury, to the east lay the ancient parish of Taxal, and then the border with Staffordshire. To the south lay other townships in the parish of Prestbury, and the ancient parish of Gawsworth. Finally, to the west was the ancient parish of Alderley.

The population of the chapelry is suggested by a sum of 1099 households in the townships of the chapelry in the hearth tax of 1664. Gastrell’s Notitia gives two estimates of around 1,200 and around 2,000 families, but to which precise areas these apply is unclear. In 1801 the population of the townships of the ancient chapelry was 14,018, of whom 8,743 lived in Macclesfield township; in 1871 it was 39,951, of whom 26,837 lived in Macclesfield township.

Previous transcriptions and monumental inscriptions

Anonymous transcript, 1572-1667 in the parish Magazine from 1893 (copy at Macclesfield Library, and in the parish archive).

P. M. Little, ‘St Michael Macclesfield: Typescript and index 1699-1754’, (1982)

Monumental inscriptions
Transcript of inscriptions in the churh interior, and of graveyard inscriptions by M.J.G. Bard is kept in the church


Colin Phillips compiled these notes, using a digest, made by Susan George, of the information collected by transcribers and recorded with each transcription pad. The late W. H. Shercliffe, who led the team of transcribers who worked on the registers in late 1970s and 1980s, prepared a draft of parish notes from which material has been incorporated into these notes; Bill Shercliffe’s draft was the first attempt to write parish notes for the CPR project. Further information about the make-up of the register volumes came from the list in the Cheshire Record Office, which also provided some details of the evolution of the parish.

The population estimates were gathered as follows: count of households 1664: The National Archives, Exchequer, E. 179/86/145 (on microfilm), hearth tax returns; c. 1720 F. Gastrell, Notitia Cestriensis, ed. F. R .Raines, vol. I (Chetham Society, old series, VIII, 1845), pp. 289, 291; for 1801 and 1871 see VCH Cheshire, vol. II, p. 227.

Further details on the evolution of the parish came from C. Williams, Guide to the Cheshire Record Office ([Chester], 1991), pp. 84-87, and Guide to the local administrative units of England, Vol. II Northern England, ed. F.A. Youngs, Jr (1991), pp. 22, 25, 31-33, 36, 41. See the base map in A.D.M. Phillips and C. B. Phillips, A new historical atlas of Cheshire (Chester, 2002).

C.B. Phillips, 18 Aug 2011
BMD, Jan 2012