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POYNTON St George, 1723-1831


The earliest register comprises baptisms from 1723 to 1795, followed by a series of records of chapel business (see oddities, below) which are intermingled with marriage entries dating from 1723 to 1753. The marriage entries are not in date order. There are sequential volumes of baptisms from 1795 to 1812, 1813 to 1826, 1826 to 1868, and 1868 to 1959. Registration of marriages resumed in 1859, and this volume continued until 1922. The register of burials commenced in 1840 and ran until 1883. [There is a builder’s plan of the churchyard dated 1840 in the parish archive, implying that burial began then, and the absence of ‘sepulture’ is noted in the edition of Bishop Gastrell’s Notitia cited below in sources. The issue of a licence for marriages in 1858 may explain the cessation of marriages after 1753, presumably under Lord Hardwicke’s marriage act. However the 1858 licence may have been needed for the new church building which opened in 1859 (see oddities, below). A copy register of burials from 1840 until 1856, and a register of graves from 1840 until 1859 have not been tra cribed here.]

BTs Lacking:

1728, 1731, part of 1799, 1803, 1806, part of 1822, 1828, 1830. No BTs after 1864.

Anomalous entries

Ba 1793/02/17 (Middleton) BT only
Ba 1793/03/03 (Pimlott) BT only
Ba 1793/03/03 (Beswick) BT only
Ba 1793/06/30 (Hallworth) BT only
Ba 1798/05/27 (Norbury) BT only
Ba 1801/01/21 (Rhodes) BT only
Ba 1802/08/27 (Barrett) BTonly
Ba 1802/09/09 (Garman) BT only
Ba 1856/05/19 (Brocklehurst) Marginal note ‘In error - it should have been Sarah not Elisabeth. R. Litler.’
Ba 1858/07/04 (Booth) Marginal note ‘These 3 registers were omitted being inserted after the register of George Thos Woodhurst 23rd June. Robert Litler incumbent.’
Ba 1858/07/04 (Daniel) Marginal note ‘These 3 registers were omitted being inserted after the register of George Thos Woodhurst 23rd June. Robert Litler incumbent.’
Ba 1858/07/04 (Jackson) Marginal note ‘These 3 registers were omitted being inserted after the register of George Thos Woodhurst 23rd June. Robert Litler incumbent.’
Ba 1861/04/07 (Wild) Surname Lloyd is deleted. Margin note says,’Wild is corrected by me at the time of entry, having myself made the mistake. R.Litler.’
Ba 1870/07/06 (Gayton) out of date order: margin note says. ‘This register omitted at the time by accident’.


The first register volume begins ‘The Register book belonging to Poynton Chapel’. It continued to be used for memoranda after 1795, as after the sequence of baptisms there is a note of a vestry meeting on 23 September 1826. This is the first of a number of entries of vestry busines, in no particular order on six separate pages scattered amongst the marriage entries, including those which follow.

21 April 1722 Note of the chapel clerk’s remuneration agreed at a town meeting of the inhabitants of Poynton and Worth.

15 July 1742 Note by Ralph Jannion, chapel clerk, that after the chapel was reconstructed in 1741, a terrier setting out the new arrangement of seats was given in at the visitation of the Chancellor of the Diocese at Macclesfield. Peter Bate, for Legh’s tenement, was then chapel warden.

15 April 1741
Whereas in the Lordship of Poynton in the County of Chester is situate an antient parochial chapel it hath been a chapel time out of mind ... Edward the second in the year of our Lord 1312 in which year Sir Nicholas Eaton, Lord of Poynton brought an Assise Darrein against the Abbot of St Werburg Chester for the Advowson of this chapel in this cause the Abbot got a verdict but by deed dated the same year he bound himself and his successors to find a chaplain at Poynton forever for the Benefit of Sir Nicholas, his heirs and tenants. The Abbot neglecting to find the chaplain in the year 1500 the Archdeacon sequestered the tythes and in the sequestration it is called a parochial chapel, capellum de Poynton inra parochialia habentum and in another deed in Edward the Fourth’s time it is called Ecclesiam Beata Maria de Poynton and mentions the high altar there.
And there hath been all along probably from the first foundation a Chapel Warden yearly chosen and sworn but how and by whom this chapel was antiently repaired and ornaments and other necessaries found do not appear for it hath been vacant beyond the memory of man now living till about the year 1699 during which vacancy the said chapel standing near the mannour house of Poynton the Lords of the said mannour and their ancestors as supposed did such repairs to it as they thought fit to prevent its falling into decay. But soon after the said chapel was supplyed with a curate and in or about the year 1716 john Warren Esqr then Lord of the mannor of Poynton aforesaid being satisfied by the registers of the chancellors and Archdeacons Court he was not obliged to repair it at his own charge, and thereupon saving to himself and his heirs the nomination of a Minister, the Lordships of Poynton and Worth have ... repair the said chapel and chancel and found ornaments, ute ils and necessaries the said John Warren and his heirs only paying his and their proportional part ... with the inhabitants of Poynton and Worth who claim and have seats in the said chapel.
And whereas the said chancel this present year has been new built at the charge of the Lordships of Poynton and Worth and two new pews made and erected in the north side thereof for the use of George Warren Esqr and his heirs forever, and several forms therein also in the south side thereof are placed for seats, therefore at a publick vestry meeting of the chapelry of Poynton held in the chapel of Poynton aforesaid the day and year first before written pursuant to publick notice given the next Sunday before it was concluded and agreed by and amongst the Minister, chapel warden of the said chapel and chapelry and all the inhabitants thereof and who did then and there appear that all person and perso who have or now claim any pew seat or seats in the said chapel of Poynton of right belonging to their estates he or their, his and their heirs or successors shall not at any time or times hereafter use, claim, challenge or pretend to have any claim, challenge, right, property or demain to any seat or seats in the said chancel save only the said George warren and his heirs right and claim to the to the said two pews in the said North side for Poynton demain and to all other person or persons his and their claim and proper right to any former seats in the said South side who have lost any form seat or seats belonging to their Estate in the said chapel by the pulpit being placed where it now is or otherwise but that the said seats in the said chancel in the south side except as aforesaid shall be in common and for the use of one as well as another of the inhabitants of Poynton and Worth. Save only and Except that pew also in and on the said South side of the said chancel adjoining to the East end of Edward Downes Esqr pew shall be and remain forever hereafter for the use of the Minister of Poynton for the time being, his wife and family to sit in, and to and for no other person or perso use or uses whatsoever
Also further it is agreed at the said vestry meeting that the said Edward Downes and his heirs hereafter for ever for Worth Hall shall have and enjoy all those several seats in a pew at the higher or East end adjoining to the South side of his pew for his and their servants to sit in, which several seats belong to Mrs Birch, Lostock Hall and Poynton Hall and in lieu thereof Mrs Birch, Lostock Hall and Poynton Hall have other seats ordered them in the said chancel the same number as they severally claim at the said East end of the said Isle
Also at the said vestry meeting it was agreed that there shall be assessed collected and paid through the lordships of Poynton and Worth the sum of forty pounds payable to the present Chapel Warden for the service of the present year for workmens wages, materials used in building the aforesaid chancel, repairs, ornaments, utensils and other necessaries for the use of the said chapel and every particular person inhabiting or holding lands within the said chapelry to pay the several sums as shall be annexed to their several names for the uses aforesaid.
By the order of Lady Elizabeth Warren and on her sons accnt.
(signed) Jno Mottram, E Downes, Wm Thomson minr Peter Bate, chapel warden Thomas Haigh William Potts Henrie Davy the younger Edward Wood Samuel Jepson Peter Hamnet Richard Platt John Brereton Robert Heawood the elder Robt Heawood the younger.
This is a true copy. Examined by Rand. Jannion chap. clarke.

First register book, after marriage dated 25 April 1653
‘Poynton New Chapel was consecrated on Tuesday, July 21st 1789 and dedicated to St.George. The Revd Thomas Jennings minister, Thomas Barber Chapel Clerk, George Wood Chapel Warden.
Revd. Thomas Jennings, Curate of Poynton and Norbury died July 15th 1794 aged 54 years. Rev Elkanah Hoyle succeeded him & died 1829
Rev Charles Boothby succeeded him and resigned 1832 Rev Robert Litler succeeded him.’
The foundation stone of Poynton New Church (named St Mary after the name of the ancient church near the (Towers) was laid by the Hon. Augustus Vernon, eldest son of Lord Vernon 7th April 1858, consecrated 1st February 1859 owing to the dangerous [state of health] of the Revd, Robert Litler who was not able to attend to the subject it was named St George in the consecration deed but on the brass plate which zzzz the (bottle) in the foundation stone containing particulars of the event it is named St Mary and was so named by Mr Vernon after the stone was laid & it is intended to name it by no other name than St Mary as the painted windows have been made to sign both.’

The second register book, Christenings 1795-1812, has illegible words on the outside front cover, and on the inside of the front cover ‘No 2’. After a blank page it continues: ‘Register Belonging to Poynton Chapel’. After the last christening is a note ‘1812 28 males 29 females’. Then come many blank pages. In reverse order from the back of the book is a copy of a resolution of a vestry meeting of 26 November 1826, which resolution was inserted into the ‘old book’ [see above].

After the baptism entry for 16 August 1789 (Ebbiell) is written: ‘The first christening in Poynton New Chapel’
At the end of the Register book covering 1795 - 1812, two loose slips of paper were found; ‘Born 1776 Mary daughter of Geo and Lucy Oliver of Poynton miner.’ This may be an envelope reused as there is an address in the same hand ‘ Mr Mary Bannan, No 30 Mason Street, Swan St, Manchester.
The other ‘Adult Sep 23 Baptism born Feb 79 Ellen dau William & Elizabeth Tattersall (?) Manc manufacturer her present name is Rowe, widow of John Rowe deceased.’ On the reverse of this is a shopping list (?): ‘8d mangle, 8 cream, 7½ milk, 6½ for baking.’

In the register of baptisms for 1826-1868 is a note ‘On 23rd June 1839 the church was closed to be enlarged and was reopened on 4th August 1839 - about 275 additional sittings obtained.’

In burial register 1840-1883
1858/02/04 (Glover) In margin by this burial entry, ‘last funeral taken into the old church, which began to be taken down Feb 1858. Foundation stone of new church laid 7 April 1858.’
1859/02/02 (Handforth) In margin by this burial entry, ‘The first funeral taken into the new church which was consecrated 1st February 1859.’
On pp. 79-109 of this burial Register, ‘Chapelry of Poynton Parish of Prestbury’ has been altered to read ‘Parish of Poynton’, that is between 8 February 1859 and 3 January 1865

Note after baptism 1857/04/05 (Smith), ‘ The last baptism in the old Church which was finally closed 10th May 1857. Began to be pulled down 8 Feb 1858. Foundation stone of new laid 7 April 1858. Consecrated 1st Feb 1859.’

Clergy (to 1830)

Ministers or curates (designation varies)

1723 - 1734 Henry Richardson
1726 - 1759 William Thomson (sometimes ‘Thompson’ from Feb 1738)
1760 Christo Atkinson
1761 - 1763 Tho Jennings
1764 Wm Dixon
1764 - 1767 Richard Longford*
1785 - 1794 Thomas Jennings
1794 - 1829 Elkanah Hoyle
1829 - 1832 Charles Boothby

* Clergy and chapel warden had ceased to sign the pages of the baptism register by 1767

Visiting clergy or assistant curates

None noted.

Chapelwardens (and chapel clerks)

1722 Micah Barret;
1723 Tho Pickford;
1724 Thos Pickford, Henry Barton [?];
1725 Richd Jepson;
1735 Will Potts;
1737 John Ford;
1739 Edward Wood;
1740 Thomas Haigh;
1741 Peter Bate;
1742 Randle Jannion Chapel Clerk,William Potts;
1750 Walter Bell;
1752 Wiliam Richardson;
1753 Walter Bell;
1754-5 Robert Haywood;
1756-7 Henry Allen, 1758-9 Walter Bell;
1760 Matthew Shaw;
1761 Thomas Walton, zzzzz Wylde;
1763 James Bzzzz;
1764 James Pickford;
1765 Jonathan Sutton;
1789 Thomas Barber Chapel Clerk, George Wood Chapel warden.

Editorial contribution (not in PR)

Poynton Chapel was a chapelry in the ancient parish of Prestwich. The ecclesiastical parish of Poynton with Worth was established in 1745 by merging the chapelry of Poynton and the township of Worth (also in the ancient parish of Prestbury). Evidently Poynton and Worth were already co-operating by 1722 (oddities, above) Poynton with Worth was refounded as Poynton in 1871. The ancient parish of Prestbury was in the north east of the ancient county of Cheshire. There were detached parts of the township of Worth in the chapelry of Poynton, one of which bordered Stockport ancient parish; the remainder of Worth was bordered by other parts of Prestbury ancient parish. Poynton chapelry bordered Stockport ancient parish (including the chapelry of Norbury, see below) to the north, but was elsewhere bounded by other parts of Prestbury ancient parish.

The population of the ecclesiastical parish of Poynton and Worth in 1778 can be estimated from a figure of perhaps ninety-eight houses in the parish. In 1801 the population of Poynton Chapelry was 432 people and of Worth tow hip 188. By 1871 these figures were 1,230 and 716 respectively. In 1720 Bishop Gastrell gives a figure of 145 families in Poynton and Norbury.

Previous transcriptions and monumental inscriptions

Cheshire parish registers: marriages: Poynton cum Worth, 1723-1753, ed. L. Choice (Phillimore's parish register series, V, 1914).


Colin Phillips compiled these notes using a digest, made by Susan George, of the information collected by transcribers and recorded with each transcription pad. Further information about the make-up of the register volumes came from the registers themselves and the list in the Cheshire Record Office.Detail on the evolution of the parish came from Guide to the local administrative units of England, Vol. II Northern England>, ed. F.A. Youngs, Jr (1991), pp. 21, 31.

For the population, see for 1778 Cheshire RO, Diocese of Chester, EDV/7/1 (on microfilm); and for 1801 and 1871 see VCH Cheshire, vol. II, pp. 227, 246. For c. 1720 see F. Gastrell, Notitia Cestriensis, ed. F.R. Raines, vol. I (Chetham Society, old series, VIII, 1845), p. 295. For the complicated geography of Worth and Poynton see the base map in A.D.M. Phillips and C.B. Phillips, A new historical atlas of Cheshire (Chester, 2002).

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