WARNING: The correct use of any parish data from this project requires initial reading of the GENERAL NOTES as well as of the specific PARISH NOTES.

TILSTON St Mary, 1556-1871


The first volume of the register has much damage. The years are ordered in apparently haphazard groups. The register begins with separate sequences of Christenings and Burials for 1558-1578, and of marriages from 1558 to 1577. There is next a sequence running from November 1578 to July 1583, then November 1653 to October 1666, then May 1669 to April 1681, then May 1603 to July 1613 (dates are often out of order), and then Aug 1616 to Aug 1643 plus odd later entries. Evidently there are gaps in the register, and there are no records of Christenings from 1583 to 1603 (approx).
Form of entry for baptism usually e.g. John Meare was christened the xxvii day of Auguste parents John and Joane Meare. From 1617 - 1670 the Register is in Latin and returns to separate lists of events. Between July 1613 - 1616 the Parish Register is missing, some entries appear in BTs as noted. The Registers are irregular during the civil war and its aftermath. There is a gap between 1666 - 1669, and some entries have no forename for the child baptised. Entries from 1666/10/20 (Dod)- 1669/04/28 (Catherall) are taken from the BT.
Pages 94-106 of the register are taken up with memos (below). Then follows a sequence of entries gathered by event and year from Aug 1680 to Feb 1753. Then from March 1753 to Dec 1764 mixed entries resume.

Register number 2 carries CBs from January 1765 to December 1812. From August 30th 1778 to September 1781 the form of baptism entry changes to give details of grandparents, and dates of birth. From July 1779 baptisms are entered on the left page and burials on facing right page until September 17. 1778/08/18 is the first entry giving age, profession, status (but only one witness signature and no clergy).

There are then separate registers for Christenings 1813-1844, and 1845 to 1884, and for burials from February 1813 to 1858, and then from 1858 to 1924.

A separate marriage register was begun in August 1754 and runs to 1812 (includes banns not transcribed here), with a new one commencing February 1813 running to May 1837.


From 1617 - 1670 the Register is in Latin


Old style dates to end of 1752. New style starts Jan 1753.

BTs lacking

Baptisms: no BTs until 1605, then for 1610,1615,1618,1621-31, 1633, 1635 only. No BTs for 1639 - 1665. There are BTs for 1666 - 1680. No BT for 1681, and parts only of 1683, 1684,1686, 1689, 1691, 1693, 1694. No BT from June 1698 to Feb. 1700. No BTs for 1743. BTs for 1832 torn. Marriage BTs end in May 1837. BTs said to end 1841.

Anomalous entries

Ba 1632/07/17 (Catherall) Two other children noted as born: ‘that Frances d. John Catherall aforesaid was born the 20th day of November 1628. That John s. John Catherall aforesaid was born last day of July 1630 both christened at .... ..... (illegible)’ (No entries for these children near or on the dates mentioned in Tilston)

Ba 1613/11/10 (Sear) BT only
Ba 1614/01/23 (Sadler) BT only
Ba 1614/03/08 (Williams) BT only
Ba 1614/03/13 (Catherall) BT only
Ba 1615/04/06 (Proben) BT only
Ba 1615/07/02 (Hitchinson) BT only
Ba 1615/10/22 (Breerton) BT only
Ba 1616/01/21 (Leech) BT only
Ba 1616/02/16 (Warburton) BT only
Ba 1623/03/22 (Tydder) BT only
Ba 1662/08/17 (Lindop) Baptised August 17th, DoB 1st November. Entry added probably later between two baptisms in November.
Ba 1683/04/29 (Sayers) BT only
Ba 1684/01/25 (Woods) BT only
Ba 1684/05/01 (Dodd) BT only
Ba 1691/02/15 (Pew) BT only
Ba 1786/01/15 (Pad 961,45/8) Burial in BT
ba 1815/11/12 (Dod) entered previously in PR as a private baptism on 1814/12/10
ba 1815/12/10 (Baker) is a duplicate of the private baptism on 1814/10/08
ba 1817/10/19 (Speed) is a duplicate of the private baptism on 1817/07/06

Ma 1610/06/04 (Johnson/Catherall) BT only
Ma 1666/10/08 (Weaver/Young) BT only

Bu 1613/11/22 (Hardinge) BT only
Bu 1613/11/27 (Billinge) BT only
Bu 1613/11/27 (Birrill) BT only
Bu 1614/02/11 (Almoores) BT only
Bu 1615/08/28 (Hitchinson) BT only
Bu 1616/04/27 (Fitton) BT only
Bu 1616/05/17 (Gray) BT only
Bu 1616/08/17 (Halliwell) BT only
Bu 1616/08/20 (Rowlinson) BT only
Bu 1616/08/28 (Hitchinson) BT only
Bu 1616/09/17 (Sayer) BT only
Bu 1616/10/10 (Bagget) BT only
Bu 1616/11/01 (Hzzzson) BT only
Bu 1617/01/00 (Griffith) BT only
Bu 1617/01/00 (Catherall) BT only
Bu 1626/12/22 (Tydder) BT only
Bu 1628/08/28 (Smalewoode) BT only
Bu 1643/04/01 (Williams) could be a baptism
Bu 1653/01/31 (Bromall) could be baptism
Bu 1654/02/15 (Stockton) could be baptism
Bu 1654/04/17 (Povey) cpuld be baptism
Bu 1659/12/20 (Williamson) could be baptism
Bu 1660/01/08 (Dutton) could be baptism
Bu 1660/04/01 (Dutton) could be baptism
Bu 1684/10/06 (Lowe) BT only
Bu 1685/10/20 (Painter) BT only
Bu 1686/01/14 (Wright) BT only
Bu 1691/05/09 (Kerrison) BT only
Bu 1691/05/12 (Stanny) BT only
Bu 1692/04/24 (Hopley) BT only
Bu 1700/07/13 (Griffith) BT only
Bu 1708/04/05 (Steven) BT only
Bu 1727/06/27 (Kerfoot) BT only
Bu 1739/07/26 (Lunt) BT only
Bu 1786/01/15 (Davis) BT only but entered as a baptism in PR
Bu 1794/08/31 (Pugh) BT only - may be baptism
Bu 1867/07/21 (Dean) Margin note: * Error see Bap. Reg 178.


(pagination follows that of register volume)

Register volume 1
1573 note: Sr Robertt Wattsone psone of Tilstone was stalled psone the 8 day of June.

In 1603: A true Register of all Christenings, Weddings and Burials which happened in the parish of Tilston since the death of Roberte Browne clerk who deceased upon the 22 of Maie anno 1603 and so ... it could be learned to be unregistered in his tyme. By David Watson Clerke.

Mr. George Bonyman came to this Rectory of Tilston on Palm Sunday 1653.

Ba 1672/08/21 (Jones) Hugh son of Edw. Jones gentleman and a long Latin note which has been translated thus: It is said evidently that he was the natural son of Edward Jones whose mother was a widow and a sort (or ‘it is true’) of lady among us who thus gave birth far from here (near Halwel in Flintshire because of the scandal/roumour of giving birth. Moreover, the master by prearrangement took Hugh from his obscure origins. p. 92 A Register of the Several Parsons of Tilston taken out of a manuscript of Sr Thomas Stanley at Alderley [see p. 187 below. At this point the list appears to have been copied temp Mr Branker, and annotated subsequently to 1708].

Mem: that Thomas Branker Mr of Arts was admitted into this Rectory of Tilston whereunto he had been instituted by ye Reverend Rich. Archbp of York in ye vacancy of ye see of Chester at ye presentation of ye Right Honble William Lord Brereton Sep.11th 1668 by Rowland Sherrard, Rector of Tarporley. In presence of: Francis Wright, Edw Wright, John Catheral, Randle Turner senr and Tho Bell. John Bennion, Thomas Hanley, Chuchwardens.

p. 93 [register of clergy, contd] Mr.Samuel Catherall, MA succeeded Mr Branker on My Lord Cholmondeley’s presentation. Sylvanus Vaughan MA succeeded Mr Catherall Anno 1684 upon Sr. William Dykes Presentation who purchased ye Lord Brereton’s title.

[At the side of the Register:] Fulke Rutter, Rector of this pish departed this life on Sunday the 6th day of June in the morning 1708 buried the 9th day 1708.

p. 93 contd. After 3 (query baptism) entries:: [Illegibility indicated by .... ] The Terrier of the Glebe di 1661 9th Aug .... outlan .... gardens orchard a part of the .... about the .... In the Parsonage .... before the lease some .... the new field. The long croft except the .... belonging to my Ld. Brereton. The other .... Half of the further N .... brooks. .... the long croft some certain .... in the possession of Elizabeth S .... Backside of .... ground. A .... in the possession of Thomas Talor .... (plus three illegible lines).

The bottom of the page is signed John Jones. p. 94 A memo about relief of prisoners and maimed soldiers 1612.

After 4 baptism entries (dated 1689/09/30, 1692/08/07, 1692/03/22, and 1715/11/16) inserted at the end of a marriage page, follows a memorandum:
‘that clock was brought here on the 12th day of January in the year of our Lord 1733 by Benjamin Rattif (?), Mr. Thomas Dean and Hennery Jones Churchwardens.’

pp. 96-7 jottings

p. 98 Deeds copied, noted as vera copia 1619
1691 Memorandum: ‘that according to the mandate &n order of the Right Reverend Father in God Nicholas Lord Bishop of Chester possession of this Rectory of Tilston was legally given to Foulke Rutter Master of Arts upon the sixth day of August in the year of our Lord God 1691. By me Edward Daxon, Rector of Coddington. In the presence of: William Jackson Churchwarden, Francis Bell Sidesman, John Massie, John Parker, Randle Tonna, Thomas Kendrick,his mark.
Memorandum that the above named Foulke Rutter was inducted into the Rectory of Tilston upon the presentation of the Right Honourable the Lord Cholmondeley’

p. 104 Deeds.

From p. 107 onwards, from 1713 to 1728, and from 1745-173 a note is given each year about the transcription of the register and about submitting BTs.

p. 135 1710 Memorandum: that according to the Mandate and Order of the Right Reverend Father in God William Lord Bishop of Chester possession of this Rectory of Tilston was legally given to Thos Leche Master of Arts upon the third day of June 1710. By me Edward Daxon rector of Coddington. In the presence of John Leche senior, John Leche junior, Thos Povey Churchwarden, R. Darlington, Tho. Rowland, Edw Jones.
Memorandum that the above named Thos Leche was inducted into the Rectory of Tilston upon the presentation of the Right Honourable the Lord Cholmondeley

Edw Jones was born March the 8th 1674. Joseph Jones was born Nov. the 16th 1715, being the youngest son of Edw. Jones zzzzzzzz

p. 142 Between Feb and April 1720: ιMemoir that according to Mandate & Order of Thomas Wainwright Doctor of Law, Vicar General zzz Right Reverand Father in God Francis Lord Bishop of Chester possession of this Rectory in Tilston was legally given to James Richardson upon the 26 day of September 1719 by me Wm Harper chaplain to the Rt. Hon Hugh Earl of Cholmondeley. In presence of Thomas Shone and John Taylor, Churchwardens, James Lindop, Tho Darlington, [?] Jones.
Memorandum that the above named James Richardson was inducted into the Rectory of Tilston upon the presentation of the Right Honourable the Lord Cholmondeley᾿

p. 187, A Register of the Several Parsons of Tilston taken out of a manuscript of Sr Thomas Stanley at Alderley [1301 to 1931. See page 92 above. This copy appears to have been made temp the Rev. Thomas Leche, and then updated to 1931. Names for our period to 1830 given below under Clergy].

Since I have been Rector of Tilston there have been
Burials 737
Christenings 829
Weddings 209
May 16th 1770
(Signed) James Richardson Rector
More Christenings than burials 107
Ten Christenings for nine burials
Five out of nine live to be merries
17 females born for 10 males
About one in forty die in a year.

pp. 188-9 memos on pages 188-91 about the clerk’s wages dated 1708 and 1709, about fees (1719) church rates, and other miscellaneous matters.

The register ends with:
This is the 96th leaf of this Register Book written on parchment commencing the 27 August 1558 and ending December 14th 1764. W Garnett Rector

An account of this Register Book was transmitted to the Registrar of Chester the 3rd of May 1813 by W Garnett

Register number 2

On the fly leaf the signature Charles Jones, Clark May 10 1772, and also Charles Jones May the 10th 1772 Solomon the Wise the Great and Good. There is also the date 1776.

Some years have a note about the transcription of the register and submission of BTs.

Jany 8th 1774 The Rev. T. Edwards was inducted into the Rectory of Tilston upon the Presentation of George James Earl of Cholmondeley.

1784/10/31 note: ‘Examined the above from Oct 1st 83 to Oct 1st 84 and find the number to be in all. Witness John Moile.’ Similar entries to 1793/03/18.

At end of Register:
To the visitation W. Garnett MA Rector May 6 1813 John Butler, Clerk. An account of this Register Book containing 96 pages was transmitted to the Registrar of Chester May the 3rd 1813 by W. Garnett

Note in margin of p. 30 of burial register for 1829: 1829 March 13th Died the Rev. W. Garnett Rector of Tilston 31½ years aged 62.


[See above under oddities, register vol. I, pp. 92, 187, A Register of the Several Parsons of Tilston taken out of a manuscript of Sr Thomas Stanley at Alderley,]
1558 John Dee
1573 June 8 inducted Robert Watson
1603 died May 22 Robert Browne
1603 Robert King MA
[Ormerod has Randle Catherall, 1626-9]
1631-1654 Ed Clarke
1653-1668 George Bonniman.
1668 [-1676] Thomas Branker [death date from Ormerod]
[1677] Samuel Catherall, MA [date from Ormerod]
1684 Sylvanus Vaughan, MA
1691- 1708 Foulke Rutter
1710 November 10 Johanes Nedham MA [Ormerod has 2 November 1708]
1710 Thos. Leche [inducted 3 June 1710]
1719-1773 James Richardson MA
1774 Thomas Edwards MA [Ormerod has 1773]
1797-1829 William Garnett MA
1829 May-1837 James Thomas Campbell


1604 Hugh Lea, John Madocke;
1668 John Bennion, Thomas Hanley
1691 William Jackson
1710 Thos Povey
1719 Thomas Shone, John Taylor
1733 Thomas Dean, Hennery Jones

Churchwardens’ accounts (not here transcribed)survive for 1615-1673, 1688-1815, 1816-1956

Editorial contribution (not in Parish Register)

The ancient parish of Tilston lay in the south west of the county. The contiguous ancient parishes were (clockwise from the north) a detached part of Farndon, Malpas, Shocklach, the extra-parochial area of King’s Marsh, Shocklach again, and King’s Marsh again. Tilston ancient parish comprised the townships of Carden, Grafton, Horton, Stretton, and Tilston. No new ecclesiastical parishes were formed from within the ancient parish in our period.

The population of Tilston ancient parish can be estimated by the number of households in ecclesiastical ‘censuses’ of 1563 (60 households or families), and 1778 (94 houses), while the sum of the households in the townships of the parish in the hearth tax of 1664 was 114. The population of the ancient parish in 1801 was 599 people, and 721 in 1871.

Previous transcriptions

J. Wolley Dod, ‘Tilston parish register,1558-1800’ (Typescript, [nd. Not seen])

Monumental inscriptions

None known


Colin Phillips compiled these notes from a digest made by Sue George of the information collected by transcribers and recorded with each transcription pad. He also made reference to the microfilm of the register in the Cheshire Record Office, where further information about the make-up of the register volumes came from the office list.

The population estimates were gathered as follows 1563: The diocesan population returns for 1563 and 1603, ed. A.D. Dyer and D.M. Palliser (British Academy: records of social and economic history, new series, vol. 31, 2005), p. 79; 1664: The National Archives, Exchequer, E. 179/86/145 (on microfilm), hearth tax returns; and 1778: Cheshire RO, Diocese of Chester, EDV/7/1 (on microfilm). For 1801 and 1871 see VCH Cheshire, vol. II, p. 235. Uncertainty over some incumbents was resolved with additional material from G. Ormerod, The History of the County Palatine of Chester, ed. T. Helsby (3 vols; London, 1882), II, p. 697. Details on the make-up of the ancient parish came from Guide to the local administrative units of England, Vol. II Northern England, ed. F.A. Youngs, Jr (1991), p. 38. See the base map in A.D.M. Phillips and C.B. Phillips, A new historical atlas of Cheshire (Chester, 2001).

C.B. Phillips, 7 Aug 2008
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