WARNING; The correct use of any parish data from this project requires initial reading of the GENERAL NOTES as well as of the specific PARISH NOTES.


Wilmslow St Bartholomew


Registers 1558-1871

Mixed registers (Cheshire Archives and Local Studies (hereafter CALS) call numbers are P123/3466/1/1-7)


Up to 1753 the registers contain all three events, then after 1753 baptisms and burial are in the same book and there is a separate register for marriages.   Effectively up to the start of volume 4 all three events are mixed together, baptisms, burials, and, less frequently, marriages all on the same page.   Occasionally an attempt is made to establish separate sequences for each event (sometimes baptisms and burials are separated with a few marriages recorded in each sequence), but these attempts peter out.


Volume 1, 1558-1652 P123/3466/1/1

Early PR is a fair copy, all in one hand.

Almost at the end are a set of marriage certificates, on p. 342 (modern pagination) headed ‘The names of all those who have beene married since these troblesom tymes by other ministers of other pishes as hath appeard unto us by certificates under their hands by whome and when as followeth’.  Marriages are very disordered 1647 – 52 e.g. after 645/00/00 is 642/11/01 (Hough/Barton), and there are marriages with no date; in this transcript a year has been ascribed taken from adjacent entries and indicated in Anomalous entries below



(Volume 2, 1652-1680 P123/3466/1/2

(Volume 3, 1653-1692 P123/3466/1/3

These two volumes overlap in date, but there seems to be no duplication of entries between them, and in the CPRDb transcript entries are not distinguished as between volumes 2 and 3.  Both volumes have been rebound, but this alone cannot account for the very confused nature of the entries.   This confusion is captured by the following brief calendar of entries in volume P123/3466/1/2:

Volume 2 begins with one entry January 1642/3 (dated in the transcript 1643)

Then mixed BA, MA, and BU entries July 1652 – September 1653 (very few marriages)

Then gap until January 1657/8 (dated in the transcript 1658).


Then comes an entry for January 1672/3 (dated in the transcript 1673) , then entries for February 1673/4 (dated in the transcript 1674) with the page concluding with two marriages July 1675.  Over page are entries for 1661 into 1662 before page jumps to February 1674/5 (dated in the transcript 1675), then back to 1674 then on to 1675 and over page to one entry for 1678. 

The next new page begins June 1675, with receipts of Lathom’s money (for which see Oddities, below) which continue over.

The next new page begins with mixed baptisms and burials of uncertain year before the date of May 1675.  Then volume moves on with a sequence of mixed baptisms and burials with odd marriages to end April 1676.

Then a new leaf begins Christenings only May 1676-January 1676/7. Over leaf is headed marriages 1676, next leaf is marriages 1676 with overleaf page headed christenings January 1676/7, as is first page of next leaf which ends March 7 1677/8.  Overleaf is marriages [16]82. New leaf begins burials 1677, overleaf two Bas for 1678, then new leaf begins Christenings for the year 1678, and this sequence runs to December 1680.


Then four new leaves, smaller than hitherto but of irregular size, carry mixed entries beginning February 1664/5 (1665 in the transcript) to August 1667.


The final leaf is, again, a different size, and hand.  The first side is headed September 1681, and begins 5 of that month. It may have been bound the wrong way round as the second side ends on September 4, having started in July, but with no year date.  


The remains of a cover carry the dates 1653-1687, and modern shelf marks


Volume 3 (P123/3466/1/3) may be calendared as follows.   November 1653-July 1660 marriages followed by BAs from October 1653 (with occasional marriages after January 1660/1) to 14 January 1664/5.  Then rest of side is blank before a new leaf begins Burial October 1653 to (with occasional marriages after September 1660) until February 1662/3, when a baptism occurs and three event entries resume in this sequence until May 1675, when the remainder of the side is blank.  The second side of this sheet begins with burials in June 1678.  Then separate sequences in each year for baptisms, marriages, and burials, not always in the same order.

In Volume 3, there is a gap in baptisms between May 1666 and May 1667 (see Anomalous entries below), and in burials between May 1666 and July 1667 (for when there are no BTs), and again between September and December 1687.


Volume 4, 1692-1740

In the baptisms between 1726/10/29 and 1735/01/30 there are 5 adult baptisms with ages but no parents save in the last case.  In burials there is a gap from December 1693 to July 1694 (see Anomalous entries).

Volume 5, 1740-1778 contains marriages only up to 1753

Many months where there are no burials between 1741and 1754.


Volume 6, 1779-1805


Volume 7, 1805-1812


Registers of Christenings, CALS P123/3466/2/1-3, three volumes 1813-1877


Registers of Marriages, CALS P123/3466/3/1-7, seven volumes 1754-1887

MA  Records quickly become sketchy, often only names given, with no record of Banns or Licence, no names of witnesses, nor of  an officiating minister.


Volume 2, 1766-1791

There are 8 missing entries: the page numbers are consecutive, but the record numbers go from 382 (7 January 1791) to 391.  The records are given as BT only (see Anomalous entries below) but there are no names of witnesses or clergy in BT.


Registers of Burials, CALS P123/3466/4/1-3 three volumes 1813-1882

In volume 4/1 were many months between 1829 and 1832 when no burials were recorded.



Old style dates to 1752 (see note from PR below.)


BTs Lacking


BA  1638, 1640, 1652, 1653, 1654,1656-60, 1662, March – May 1664 torn, 1665 damaged, 1677, 1678-December 1680, August 1685 – March 1686, 1686, 1733 -4 [OS] burnt, 1812, 1824, 1839 – 1854,


MA  1624, 1626, 1812, 1823 – 1836, 1837 – 1855


BU  1617 (BTs are Macclesfield not Wilmslow); 1618-20, 1624 (where Bts exist, they do not copy all entries in PR.  Frequently, many are missing.)  1626, 1638, 1640, 1652 – 1660, with damage in 1660s, 1685, 1686, 1867.


Anomalous entries:


Ba 1595/07/30 (Piers)  ‘Buried’ has been crossed out and ‘crystned’ inserted.

Ba 1599/04/08 (Worthington)  Entry starts at the foot of  P123/3466/1/1, p. 94 (modern pagination) and continues at the top of p. 95.

Ba 1599/05/15  (Ormison)  Entry appears to have been partly erased and the names inserted thereafter.

Ba 1644/03/31 (Burges) entry is dated ‘the last day’, here construed to be 31 March, but in the old style year the date could be 24 March if ‘last’ refers to year rather month.

Ba 1665/04/09  (Taylor)  BT only

Ba 1665/04/09  (Barrett)  BT only

Ba 1665/04/30  (Alcock)  BT only

Ba 1665/06/07  (Birtells)  BT only

Ba 1665/05/09 (Oulton)  BT only

Ba 1665//06/04  (Harrison)  BT only

Ba 1665/06/24  (Hunte)  BT only

Ba 1665/06/25  (Wyate)  BT only

Ba 1665/07/09  (Upton)  BT only

Ba 1665/08/10  (Burgess)  BT only

Ba 1665/09/17  (Tharpe)  BT only

Ba 1665/10/01  (Runkhorne)  BT only

Ba 1665/10/11  (Hardie)  BT only

Ba 1666/04/17  (Downes)  BT only

Ba 1666/04/22 (Peeres)  BT only

Ba 1666/05/01 (Dale)  BT only

Ba 1666/05/03  (Warburton)  BT only

Ba 1666/06/03  (Lowe)  BT only

Ba 1666/06/17  (Kelsall)  BT only

Ba 1666/06/24  (Goodier)  BT only

Ba 1666/07/01  (Hobson)  BT only

Ba 1666/07/03  (Worthington)  BT only

Ba 1666/07/08  (Davenport)  BT only

Ba 1666/07/15  (Becke)  BT only

Ba 1666/07/22  Warburton)  BT only

Ba 1666/08/12  (Hulme)  BT only

Ba 1666/09/05  (Davemport)  BT only

Ba 1666/09/19  (Orrell)  BT only

Ba 1666/09/23  (Fawknor)  BT only

Ba 1666/09/25  (Balshaw)  BT only

Ba 1666/10/13  (Hough)  BT only

Ba 1666/10/31  (Wyate)  BT only

Ba 1666/11/07  (Taylor)  BT only

Ba 1666/11/18  (Alcocke)  BT only

Ba 1666/12/18  (Smalewood)  BT only

Ba 1666/12/18  (Lumax)  BT only

Ba 1666/12/18  (Wright)  BT only

Ba 1667/01/06  (Harrison)  BT only

Ba 1667/01/13  (Heywoode)  BT only

Ba 1667/01/23  (Warbarton)  BT only

Ba 1667/02/12  (Sumner)  BT only

Ba 1667/03/16  (Hardie)  BT only

Ba 1667/03/17  (Tatton)  BT only

Ba 1667/03/20  (Hough)  BT only

Ba 1667/03/24  (Adshed)  BT only

Ba 1667/03/27  (Burges)  BT only

Ba 1667/04/13  (Motterhed)  BT only

Ba 1667/04/21  (Piggote)  BT only

Ba 1667/04/28  (Hunte)  BT only

Ba 1667/05/09  (Hulme)  BT only

Ba 1667/05/12  (Blackshaw)  BT only

Ba 1667/05/19  (Vardon)  BT only

Ba 1667/06/23  (Harrison)  BT only

Ba 1667/06/23  (Liney)  BT only

Ba 1667/06/24  (Warburton)  BT only

Ba 1667/06/24  (Bower)  BT only

Ba 1667/07/07  (Gilbodie)  BT only

Ba 1667/07/07  (Rigway)  BT only

Ba 1667/07/07  (Peeirs)  BT only

Ba 1667/07/09  (Baguley)  BT only

Ba 1667/07/14  (Woode)  BT only

Ba 1667/07/16  (Davempord)   BT only

Ba 1667/08/04  (Hobson)  BT only

Ba 1668/01/01 (Bancroft)  BT only

Ba 1668/01/16  (Coppocke)  BT only

Ba 1668/01/16   (Pownall)  BT only

Ba 1736/11/14 (Warburton) only date of birth given

Ba 1738/03/21 (Warhurton) only date of birth given

Ba 1789/03/15  (Hammon)  BT only

Ba 1861/01/06 (Clarke) out of date order

Ba 1861/03/25 (Newton) out of date order

Ba 1861/04/05 (Priestner) out of date order

Ba 1861/06/10 (Thompson) out of date order

Ba 1862/12/28 (Bower) Marginal note indicates entered out of date order

Ba 1863/06/14 (Worthington) out of date order

Ba 1863/07/26 (Johnson) Father’s forename crossed out

Ba 1863/07/29 (Priestner) out of date order

Ba 1863/10/15 (Mollard) A cross reference to entry dated 1872/10/13

Ba 1864/02/04 (Byrom) out of date order

Ba 1864/03/17 (Shaw) Father’s forename crossed out

Ba 1864/06/12 (Norbury) contemporary note of corrections

Ba 1864/06/12 (Timperley) contemporary note of corrections

Ba 1861/03/24 (Norbury) crossed out with a contemporary cross reference to 1861/03/24 (Priestner)

Ba 1865/05/28 (Moss) four entries for this family in confused order



Ma 1645/00/00  (Bibie/Burges)  Year given from next entry.

Ma 1645/00/00  (Falknor/Blnk)  No bride’s name or date.  Year given from next entry.

Ma 1647/00/00  (Vardon/Astle)  Year given from next entry.

Ma 1667/10/28  (Peers/Eaton)   BT only

Ma 1677/00/23  (Johnson/Wood)  BT only

Ma 1677/00/20  (Baguley/ZZZ)   BT only

Ma 1682/12/30  (Clarkson/Coppack)  BT only

Ma 1683/01/08  (Haslehurst/Downs)  BT only

Ma 1683/01/20  (Nicholls/Loton)  BT only

Ma 1683/12/27  (Chorley/Astle)  BT only

Ma 1685/02/24  (Cooper/Moseley)  BT only

Ma 1687/03/28  (Mottershead/Burges)  BT only

Ma 1687/03/29  (Wright/Nield)  BT only

Ma 1687/05/23  (Goodyear/Henshall)  BT only

Ma 1687/08/12  (Ch[or]ley/Pike)  BT only

Ma 1687/09/13  (Alcock/Upton)  BT only

Ma 1687/11/25  (Higinson/Leighton)  BT only

Ma 1687/11/05  (Bell/Antrobus)  BT only

Ma 1687/11/15  (Blemlow/Worthington)  BT only

Ma 1687/12/29  (Hough/Richardson)  BT only

Ma 1688/00/00  (ZZZ/Worthington)  BT only

Ma 1688/02/02  (Upton/Hollincroft)  BT only

Ma 1688/02/02  (Shaw/ZZZ)  BT only

Ma 1690/05/26  (Burgess/Walker)  BT only

Ma 1691/09/21  (Jenson/Hough)  BT only

Ma 1693/12/24  (Ridgeway/Hayes)  BT only

Ma 1694/08/11  (Roylance/Worsley)  BT only

Ma 1694/12/21  (Warren/Wilson)  BT only

Ma 1700/11/10  (Wilcox/Ford)  BT only

Ma 1704/04/21  (Ridgway/Burgess)  BT only

Ma 1704/06/29  (Linney/Blarkinott)  BT only

Ma 1704/07/08  (Kelsall/Burgess)   BT only

Ma 1704/10/22  (Damoll/Deane)   BT only

Ma 1708/01/27  (Deane/Burges)  BT only

Ma 1791/02/20 (Simpson/Turner)   BT only

Ma 1791/02/22 (Worstencroft/Alcock)     BT only

Ma 1791/03/03  (Bradbury/Barlow)  BT only

Ma 1791/05/10  (Cragg/Broadhurst)  BT only

Ma 1791/05/31  (Rylands/Birtles)  BT only

Ma 1791/06/08  (Cragg/Rylands)  BT only

Ma 1791/06/13  (Stubbs/Broadhurst)  BT only

Ma 1791/08/06 (Adshead/Wyat) BT only



Bu 1642/11/4 Warbarton FLU here entered in additional information might be construed as Latin for dysentery, in which case FLU should shown as the cause of death

Bu 1642/11/17 Balshawe FLU here entered in additional information might be construed as Latin for dysentery, in which case FLU should shown as the cause of death

Bu 1642/12/01 Miller FLU here entered in additional information might be construed as Latin for dysentery, in which case FLU should shown as the cause of death

Bu 1642/12/12 Davempord FLU here entered in additional information might be construed as Latin for dysentery, in which case FLU should shown as the cause of death

Bu 1642/12/17 Smyth FLU here entered in additional information might be construed as Latin for dysentery, in which case FLU should shown as the cause of death

Bu 1642/12/18 Howley FLU here entered in additional information might be construed as Latin for dysentery, in which case FLU should shown as the cause of death

Bu 1644/02/14 Ppocke (?) FLU here entered in additional information might be construed as Latin for dysentery, in which case FLU should shown as the cause of death

Bu 1644/03/09 Ryle FLU here entered in additional information might be construed as Latin for dysentery, in which case FLU should shown as the cause of death

Bu 1644/11/11 Blackshawe FLU here entered in additional information might be construed as Latin for dysentery, in which case FLU should shown as the cause of death

Bu 1667/08/04 (Davenport)  BT only

Bu 1668/01/08 (Harrison)  BT only

Bu 1670/03/02 (Hough)  BT only/

Bu 1673/12/01 (Linney)  BT only

Bu 1673/12/02 (Cash) BT only

Bu 1676/03/29 (Upton) BT only

Bu 1676/04/01 (Ridgeway) BT only

Bu 1687/09/10 (Bradbury) BT only

Bu 1687/09/12 (Pierson)  BT only

Bu 1687/09/13  (Burges)  BT only

Bu 1687/09/15 (Thorpe)  BT only

Bu 1687/09/18 (Bzzz)  BT only

Bu 1687/09/27 (Davenport)  BT only

Bu 1687/10/03 (zzzzz)  BT only

Bu 1687/12/01 (Wyatt)  BT only

Bu 1687/12/02 (Wanzzz) BT only

Bu 168712/14 (Harrison) BT only

Bu 1687/12/31 (Pott) BT only

Bu 1688/01/22 (Mottershead) BT only

Bu 1694/01/09 (Fitton)   BT only

Bu 1694/01/18  (Bradbury)  BT only

Bu 1694/02/26 (Hulme) BT only

Bu 1694/03/10 (Lingart) BT only

Bu 1694/04/11 (Henshaw)  BT only

Bu 1694/04/19  (Jackson) BT only

Bu 1694/04/30  (Stockley) BT only

Bu 1694/06/17  (Renshaw) BT only

Bu 1694/06/17 (Leighton) BT only

Bu 1694/06/17 (Warren) BT only

Bu 1694/06/31 (Whaley) BT only

Bu 1696/02/10 (Fisher) BT only

Bu 1701/03/22 (Goddiar) BT only

Bu 1730/12/19 (Broren) BT only



Volume 1, 1558-1652 (P123/3466/1/1) begins ‘This book or register made the 8 November in the year of the Lord God 1599 and in four and fortieth year of the Regne of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth bye the Grace of God ZZZ France and Ireland Queen defender of the faith and wherein shall be written the names of all such as shalbe christened married and buried within this parish church of Wilmslow within the County of Chester according to the Queens Injunctions beginning at the first day of her majestys gracious reigne

            November zz anno 1558’

The foot of each opening is signed by two or three names.


After 16 March 1657:  1702



After 6 July 1638 is written in a contemporary hand 2929


On the parchment flysheet as now bound are two notes: one is illegible, the other reads: ‘July 12 daie 1643

            lent to Thomas zz the great

            church bible and sent it by

Benjamin Cal in a box’.


Volume 2, 1652-1680, P123/3466/1/2

Between entries for 1678 and 1675 [sic], half-yearly and yearly receipts for Lathom’s money, June 1675-December 1677, by Ralph Lowndes, schoolmaster, and then for October and December 1678 by Thomas Jenkinson, schoolmaster


Volume 3, 1653-1692 P123/3466/1/3

At burial dated 17 July 1665 a later annotation ‘in a field near Smallwood house now belonging to the vicar of Knutsford 179Z’.


Next to 1676/05/24 (Taylor) is a sum, 1737-1676 = 81.  Not apparently connected to the entry as in later hand and different ink.


After the burial 1678/08/30 (Tumlinson) is a note: ‘Burying in woollen is now injoyned by Act of Parliament’.


On last page of vital events, calculation of years passed from 1769.


At end of volume, two receipts for Lathom’s money

1668 December 21 [Alternative reading of date is 168?]

Rec’d from Thomas Boulton the summe of one pound four shillings the gift of Mr Lathom of the Hawthorn to the School in this parish to continue for ever and the summe to be paid yearly being the interest for twenty pounds.  I have received as aforesaid the sume of £01 – 04.

N Milne   Ludomagister


1669 December 1st [Alternative  reading of date is 1681]

Received the said summe one pound four shillings upon the Account above mentioned.

Nathaniel Milne



Volume 4, 1692-1740 P123/3466/1/4

This registers has baptisms, marriages, and burials in separate blocks for each year.


On front of flysheet: Ellen [daughter?] of Henry and Jane Chapman

Inside flysheet:  1728 L[en]t the Rector of Cheadle the Homilies

Jan the 12 1704 Jane Miller was the last burial accounted for by me with Mr Usherwood


At various points in this volume the passage of the years is calculated.


After the baptisms for 1692 is ‘A register of births in pursuance of  a late act of  parliament commencing the 28th June anno domini 1696’, which runs from July 1696 to March 1697/8.   It gives only the date of birth and the father’s forename and surname, and is not transcribed here.


April 1693 ‘In this month there was no burial, nor in the month of May’.


On last page of volume 4

‘Memorand. That I John Isherwood Rector of the parish of Wilmslow in the County of Chester having seen several writings and other acquittance of money received by the Rector of the said Parish for tythes due for Grain and  Corn and Hay and White Tythes arising and growing from the Demesne Lands of Bollen in the said parish of Wilmslow belonging to the Right Honble George Earl of Warrington and am very well satisfied and do declare that the manner of tything hereinafter mentioned for the said lands has been accepted by the Rector of the said Parish from the time whereof the memory of man is not to the contrary and that no other tythes ought to be paid them here zzz following (that is to say) for every Acre of the said Lands sown with Oates Peas and Beans zz and French zzz[????]  one shilling and for every Acre of Land sown with Barley one shilling four pence.  And for every Acre of Land sown with Wheat or Rye one shilling eight pence and for hay upon the said Lands twelve pence per Acre. And for the Milnes and house and all small-tythes thirteen shillings four pence yearly.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this twenty fourth day of September in the year of Our Lord 1704.

Signed in the presence of

J Leigh

Richard Spinklater  [query this name]                                                            John Isherwood

Wm Shaw                                                                               Rector of Wilmslow’


The old cover of volume 4 (P123/3466/1/4) is bound in at the end and was titled ‘Register from March 25 1692 to June 20 1739’.


Old covers bound at back of volume entitled ‘General 1740-1778’.


Register of Baptisms volume 3 (P123/3466/2/3)

Transcriber notes numbers of multiple baptisms


Register of burials volume 1 (PR123/3466/4/1)

After 1819/05/16, a cryptic note ‘John Ricing, George Wood & John Crabtree all three baath together. Yet (or yes) if we are not I will be damnd [or doomed?]’.


Register of burials volume 3 (PR123/3466/4/3)

Note on p. 34 concerning the re-opening of St Bartholomew Parish Church, ‘The parish church of St Bartholomew Wilmslow was reopened for Divine Service Sept 10 1863 after restoration & enlargement by addn of North transept.  Sermon preached in the morning by Dr Graham Lord Bishop of the Diocese (Chester). The restoration occupied exactly one year.  Cost of Restoration about £2,800. Church yard enlargement £1,200. Total £4,000.

W.H.T.Brakspear Architect

F. Haden Cope MA Curate in Charge

Chairman of Restoration Committee’.


Clergy (to 1830)



[Material in [ ] from Ormerod, who gives the names of rectors before Brereton]

[1654]-1659    John Brereton, Parson of Wilmslow

[1660-1661      Thomas Wright

1661-1673       Peter Ledsham]

[1673-1699]     Francis Mosley

[1699-1705]    John Isherwood

[1705-1713      John Wakefield

1713-1770       Henry Moore

1770-1787       Edward Beresford

1787-1813]      Croxton Johnson

1813 – 1823    Joseph Bradshaw

[1824]-1829    John Matthias Turner

From 1829      William Brownlow




1682                John Usherwood

1693                Hugh Wood (BT has John Usherwood)

1692                Mr Nobbs (at start of PR vol. 4)

1722-1729       John Dod

1729-1752       Ralph Henshall (changes to Henshaw 1731)

1752                Thomas Edwards

1755                John Kynaston

                        John Shrigley

                        Barw. Booth

                        Peter Berry

1756-1766       John Garton

1766-1795       Lancelot Bellas

1796-1814       James Sewell

1814-1815       Cha A Lyon

1815                Lancelot Dixon

1823-1837       Thos Garrett

                        John Henry Moran

                        James Stutter

                        William Thompson

                        John Harrison

                        William Henry Prescot Still (of Stockport)




1619 John Blackshawe, Henrie Overton


Editorial contribution (not in PR)

The ancient parish of Wilmslow lay in the north east of the county.   Clockwise from the north it was surrounded by the ancient parishes of Northenden, Stockport, Cheadle, Prestbury, Alderley, Mobberley, and Bowdon.   Wilmslow parish comprised four townships:  Bollin Fee, Chorley, Fullshaw, and Pownall Fee;  there were detached parts of Pownall Fee in each of the other townships.  The parish of Chorley St Philip was formally created out of Wilmslow parish in 1866, though the church had been completed in 1852.   Its baptismal registers begin in 1853, but the marriage registers do not start until 1866; neither set is transcribed here.  There were no burials.   Chorley St Philip was renamed Alderley Edge St Philip in 1990.  


The population of Wilmslow parish can be estimated by the number of households in ecclesiastical ‘censuses’ of 1563 (120 households or families), and in 1778 (324 houses), while the sum of the households in the townships in the hearth tax of 1664 was 296.   The population in 1801 was 3,233 people, and in 1871 there were 7,816 people (including Chorley).  


Previous transcriptions and monumental inscriptions

Anon. Typescript transcript 1558-1741 with index, reported in 1977 to be in Manchester Central Library.

The parish list in CALS refers to manuscript transcripts of baptisms between 1779 and 1812, and of marriages between 1766 and 1853 (PR123/6793/22-26), and also refers to the index to another transcript.



Colin Phillips compiled these notes, using a digest, made by Susan George, of the information collected by transcribers and recorded with each transcription pad.   Further information about the make-up of the register volumes came from the list in CALS, which also provided some details of the evolution of the ancient parish.  Extra detail on rectors came from G. Ormerod, The history of the County Palatine and City of Chester, ed. T. Helsby (3 vols; London, 1882), III, p. 595.  The population estimates were gathered as follows 1563: The diocesan population returns for 1563 and 1603, ed. A. D. Dyer and D. M. Palliser (British Academy: records of social and economic history, new series, vol. 31, 2005), p. 83;  count of households 1664:  Public Record Office, Exchequer, E. 179/86/145 (on microfilm), hearth tax returns;  and 1778:  CALS, Diocese of Chester, EDV/7/1 (on microfilm).  For 1801 and 1871 see VCH Cheshire, vol. II, p. 238.)   Further details on the evolution of the parish came from Guide to the local administrative units of England, Vol. II Northern England, ed. F.A. Youngs, Jr (1991), pp. 9, 14, 31, 41.   See the base map in A.D.M. Phillips and C. B. Phillips, A new historical atlas of Cheshire (Chester, 2002). 



21 December 2015